Where To Install a Battery Operated Closet Light?

Best Battery Operated Closet Lights

If you have an overhead light, then you might find your closets quite dark. This is the same case for the small bedrooms or hallways with that small closet in the corner. So, you might be in search of the best, most affordable way to light up your closet. Aren’t You? So I have got some of the simple ideas that will perfectly work for you as they did for me too. 

Best Battery Operated Closet Lights
Best Battery Operated Closet Lights

What Is The Best Battery Operated Closet Lights?

As closets are pretty dark and have got less space, the best way is to find small battery-operated lights. Some of the battery-operated closet lights include:

  • Motion Sensor Lights.
  • Stick Lights – Longer rigid light fixtures
  • Puck Lights- small round fixtures 
  • Ceiling Lights
  • Tap Lights- Touch the lens to activate the light
  • LED Light Strip – Adhesive-backed tape lights

You can consider rechargeable light with a motion sensor for a reliable source of light and longer battery life. Motion sensors play an important role in preserving battery as they only get activated when movement is detected and then turn off shortly after. 

Though there are lots of factors determining the charge of the light, one can plan to get around 6-12 hours of light on a fully charged battery. 

LightBiz rechargeable fixture and the Mr. Beams MB990 battery-operated ceiling lights come on to the top when I choose for me. 

LED Closet Light
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Some Features To Be Considered 

Before buying the best fit for you, some things need to be taken into consideration:-

  • Color Temperature – Warm or cool
  • Battery Life – Each and every size and output requires different amounts of energy to be in operation. 
  • Battery Size – One can see AA or AAA battery sizes. 
  • Lumen Count –  Lumen count refers to the total amount of light provided by the light source. Hence more the lumens brighter the light and vice versa. 
  1. Rechargeable Motion Sensor Closet Light 

The rechargeable Motion sensor closet light needs to be changed from time to time or needs to be recharged, similar to those lights which are battery-operated. 

We can see that most of the rechargeable lights use a USB cord that can be plugged into the wall charger or a computer. Besides, motion sensors are also used widely within closet spaces, which allows users to activate light via motion. 

Due to the use of a motion sensor, you can eliminate the need for a remote or a tap to power on the lights, hence making it easy to handle. 

LED Closet Light
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  1. Battery Powered Ceiling Light 

Want to save several bucks? 

Most of the cases, a large battery-operated overhead light can provide ample light for the entire closet. 

Battery-powered light with simplicity with all the benefits of LEDs, and motion sensor features, just go with Mr. Beams- MB990 Battery Powered Light. 

Beams MB990
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  1. Battery Operated LED Closet Light Bar

Many people love the closet light source to be directly under their top shelf, as it is quite easy to access. Note that, a distance from your wall-to-wall shelf is higher than where you hang your clothes. This may result in the shine of the light into your hanger rather than the closet. 

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  1. Battery Powered Push On/Off Puck 

Battery Powered Push On/Off Puck battery-operated lights are easy to install with 3M adhesive backing that will just hang about any surface. One can easily activate the light by pressing the face of the light and repeating the same process to turn off the light. 

Bright Evolution puck light with 55 lumens is extremely bright. Also, you can get a wireless remote control with it. The remote control may be useful if the LED light is hard to reach. 

These kinds of lights are not only great for closets but also for wireless under cabinet lighting and other dark areas.

Brilliant Evolution - LED Puck Light Kit with Remote
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  1. Small Battery Powered Tap lights 

Want something more easy to use? You can go for battery-operated tap lights. They come with adhesive backing and have usually got 3 AAA batteries. 

One can also choose from a warm 3000K light color or a 6500K cool temperature color. You can use this in small drawer compartments or bathrooms or under sinks and so on. 

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  1. Battery Operated LED Strip Lights 

Usually LED Strip lights can be used in various places like TV, monitor, desks, kitchens, and a lot more. Strip lights provide an even light source across a larger area which makes them certainly good than a puck light or ceiling light.  One can use battery-powered LED strip lights if they have shelves in their closet space. 

Luminoodle - Click LED Light Strip for Shelves
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  1. Rechargeable Motion Sensor LED Strip Light for Wardrobes

Using motion sensors one can activate the light with movement. This may be a good fit for lots of things including closets and wardrobes. It is always better to do tests before adding motion sensor lights. So, this may help you with the position of the sensors. Being said that, a rechargeable battery with a small 3-foot section of LED strip light may be ideal for closet spaces without electricity. 

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What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Closets? 

Both overheads, as well as cabinet lighting, may be the best types of lighting for closets, which provide whole closet light as well as lights throughout your closet. 

  • Closet Rod Lighting
  • Stick Up Lights
  • LED Strip Lights
  • Shelf Lighting
  • In-Drawer Lighting
  • Battery Powered Lights 

What Is A Battery Powered Light Called?

Battery-powered light can be simply referred to as battery-operated light or wireless light. Rechargeable batteries are those that are not powered by a plug-in adapter or hardwired. So battery-powered lights are typically Light emitting diodes. They can be either strip light, puck light, ceiling light, headlamp, and so on. 

How Do You Light a Closet Without Electricity?

To be honest, one of the easiest ways to light a closet without electricity is to set up a battery-operated LED light fixture. You will be able to access light with the help of AA or AAA batteries instead of a wall outlet or hardwired fixture. 

For tight space, you may go for a small-size LED light. Besides that, there are tons of lights of various brands that will help you to light up your closet without electricity 

Where To Install Battery Operated Closet Lights?

You can install a battery-operated closet light in the center of the ceiling above the inner door. 

This can help you to get the maximum possible benefit of light and optimal light spread through the closet. 

Note that, one should do a dry run before permanently installing your light. Most of the fixtures come with strong adhesives so they may damage your walls and have to move the light at a later time. 

So just do a mock-up so that you can determine the best place to place the light fixtures.


How can I light a closet without Electricity?

Ans: You can light a closet without Electricity using a battery-operated or rechargeable LED light fixture. 

What Type Of Lighting Is Best For Closets? 

Ans: Some of the common types of lighting that are best for closets can be Closet Rod Lighting, Stick Up Lights, LED Strip Lights, Shelf Lighting, In-Drawer Lighting, Battery Powered Lights, and so on.

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