Best Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

Best Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

Using a battery operated under cabinet lights makes its user convenient and easy to control lights. 

These kinds of lights source neither empty your pocket nor are hard the installation. 

Being said that, note that Batteries don’t last forever, often you have to switch them if you are using them for functional purposes. 

Though the battery-operated light fixtures need a bit more maintenance than the traditional plug-in under cabinet lights. It doesn’t mean it’s not suitable under cabinet lights. Below we have discussed some of the best options possible that might fit you. 

What To Look For In A Battery Operated Under Cabinet Light?

To be honest, lifespan/longevity is a central point, but besides that, there are lots of factors to be considered. They are

  • Size
  • Color Temperature
  • Simple and easy installation process.
  • Lifetime
  • Style 
  • Light Output. 

Rechargeable Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting 

We look at the under cabinet lights for their capacity to spread light or in other words coverage area. We always want the most amount of light having the least amount of future Isn’t It?

Now you might be thinking about which light works best. Umm, linear light or stick light could be one of the choices to be looked at. These light has got longer fixture which is about 8’’ to 20’. This can be set up in the front portion under your cabinets so that they can provide an ample amount of lighting. 

If you like, you may take them in rechargeable battery-operated fixtures. Taking a rechargeable battery-operated light allows you to ignore the hectic process of wiring a lot. Besides that, these kinds of light also provide a secondary light source, which allows us to light up extra dark under cabinets that have got hardwired lights. 

LEPOTEC 54 LED Under Cabinet Light
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Battery Powered Motion Sensor Under Cabinet Lighting 

Battery Powered Motion Sensor under cabinet lighting is truly a great product, as you don’t have to activate and deactivated light every time. Motion sensor lights just activate themselves when there is a movement. So they are worth trying. 

Some of the places where you could use this type of lighting are garages, laundry rooms, under kitchen cabinets, and bathrooms. 

These types of battery with motion sensor also conserve battery life, as they only get activated when there is a movement and automatically gets off after some time. 

An interesting thing about motion sensors under cabinet lighting is their modes and settings. One can easily set up everything based on your needs. 

Motion Activated LED Strip Light
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Battery Operated Under Cabinet Warm White

To be honest, the color temperature of lighting matters a lot more than we usually take it. 

 Why? Let’s discuss. 

If you have a white kitchen backsplash then you might get pi k tones, due to warm LED color temperature. So it’s always important to choose light color, and in the above case, you should go with cool white or 4000K/5000K light. 

Most people go with a soft white color which is between 2700K  to 35000K, which is completely fine. It is even more suitable when you have got traditional wood cabinetry. But if you do have white cabinets then go for cooler light which ranges between 4000K to 5000K. You may want a white light for white cabinets. 

STAR-SPANGLED Tap Light, Push Lights
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Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights With Remote

Remote-controlled LED lighting can be easily used with various types of lights including strip lights, puck lights, stick lighting, and so on. 

Well, you can go for battery operated under cabinet lights with a remote so it might be more convenient to use. 

Moreover, you can go with puck light if you want something easy to install and use. You can simply use double-sided adhesive to attach these lights under your cabinetry. 

Wireless LED Under Cabinet Lights
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Battery Operated LED Strip Light 

When we see the most used under cabinet LED lighting, stick lights, and strip lights would be probably on the top of the list, as they are convenient to retrofit in an existing kitchen. 

As we need to access the power button, battery operated strip light needs to be functional. 

One can easily find small LED strip lights with low voltage which consume less power.

Moreover, you can use small AA batteries for power. 

Note that, first test the sticky adhesive before making it permanent on the surface. They can damage several things while removing them. 

POWER PRACTICAL Luminoodle Under Cabinet Lighting
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How Long Does It Take To Recharge LED Lights?

Generally, small rechargeable LED light fixtures to take between two to six hours to get a full charge. However, it depends on its electrical capacities and on what you are using to charge the light. 

How To Position Under Cabinet Lights? 

There are a few tricks to place fixtures properly so that you can get the maximum amount of light. 

How to Position Under Cabinet Lights?
How to Position Under Cabinet Lights

Puck Lights 

Puck lights usually deal with overall wattage and beam spread. If the beam spread is larger and the wattage is higher then you need less light under your cabinets. 

Usually, Beam spread ranges between 45 degrees to 100 degrees. So, you can place the puck light farther from each other if you have a high beam spread. 

Stick Lights 

Stick Lights are also called Linear lighting, which is suitable against the lip of the upper cabinets. While installing, you might like them to place 1 or 2 inches back, as they may help to dissipate heat generated from the light fixture. 

Strip Lights 

Strip lights run from right to left or left to right along the bank of the upper cabinets. Some people prefer to put them a few inches back from the front lip of the upper cabinets. But you can put the more centered like a puck light would be.

So that the light from the strip may be more direct. 

Is Under Cabinet Lighting Worth It?

Yes, Of Course. UnderCabinet lighting may be great for both the task lighting and aesthetic upgrade too. At this time LED lighting has become a norm as one can easily add lighting to their home.  So that things it is worth trying out under cabinet lighting once.

Here I have listed some of the benefits of battery operated under cabinet lights:-

  • The easy installation process with plug-in adapter/batteries.
  • Instant On.
  • LEDs are small and compact.
  • The pleasing vibe during nighttime.
  • Generate less heat.
  • Improved workspace illumination.
  • More control over color temperature, brightness, and so on.
  • Provide directional lighting.

How Long Do Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lights Last?

Most battery-powered cabinet lights last up to 100 hours. But the fact is that battery life depends on several other factors including how often the lights are used. 

If a person is operating lights 3 hours per day, then we can say that his lights battery would probably last about 30 days. 

Also, you can conserve that battery life by turning them off when they are not in the use. 

Besides these, some factors affecting the battery life may be the size and type of the light fixtures. Brilliant Evolution claim 100 hour of lifespan on their batteries and Luminoodle claim 72 hours of life span on batteries and fixtures. 

So make sure to check the lifetime of battery-powered lights when purchasing a product. 

Conclude the best thing about the battery operated under cabinet lights is their battery. So having a wireless or battery-operated light allows us more options for lighting in the kitchen, pantries, closets, and much more. But at the same time, it can be the main limitation also.

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