Best Christmas Light Projector

Best Christmas Light Projector

Want to add the best Christmas Light Projector to your space? Being honest, adding Christmas lights can be the best way to create a unique environment for your space. Christmas light projectors display from snowflakes and snowmen to laser light shows. Before moving right into the article let us discuss some things about the projectors. 

What Is a Projector?

A projector is an object which is used to project rays of light, most probably an apparatus with a system of lenses for projecting slides or firm onto a screen.

Why projectors?

Some of the common reasons why people love to add projectors to their space are mentioned below:

  • Compact Size 
  • Portability 
  • Eye Comfort 
  • Huge Images 
  • Customizable Screen Size
  • Value. 

Best Christmas Light Projector

For some time we have researched some of the top brands which are leading the market and have come up with the best Christmas light projector list which you can add to your space. 

LedMall Motion Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights

LedMall Motion Outdoor Laser Christmas Lights displays eight lighting patterns with three diode lasers. This model has two mounting options, so it is both suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. 

Besides this, they also include a security lock. Also, they include a remote, by which the user can have control over the overall settings of the projector. Last but not least these projectors are pretty durable and have got a high-quality display. 


  • Includes Remote Control 
  • Color, Speed, and timer controls. 
  • Includes security kits.
  • Two mounting options. 


  • Limited head movement. 
Best Christmas Light Projectort
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SunBox Live Christmas Holiday Lights Projectors

SunBox Live Christmas Holiday Lights Projectors come with multiple theme selection options such as Thanksgiving, St Patrick’s Day, April Fools’ Day, Independence Day, Christmas, Halloween, and so on. These projectors also have got installation options a ground stake and a base for clamping. 

Moreover, they also include remote control, which allows users to control the overall settings of the projectors. Also, they have got an IP65 rating. 


  • Easy and Quick to Install. 
  • IP65 Rated
  • Remote control included. 
  • Can be used for multiple holidays and celebrations. 


  • Comes with random slides. 
  • Unpredictable durability. 
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LedMALL Motion Pattern Christmas Lights 

LedMALL Motion Pattern Christmas Lights consist of 18 moving Christmas patterns. As per our research, those patterns range from Santa and snowflakes to flashing light displays. Moreover, they also include remote control, which allows its user to have complete control over the projector’s settings. 

Besides this, they also include speed control settings, and color adjustment settings. Likewise, they have got two mounting options which are a stake and a base. 

In addition to it, they include a security kit and are IP67 rated, making the projector usable in wet climates. 


  • Four-timer settings. 
  • Includes security kit. 
  • Remote Control 
  • 18 Christmas-themed patterns. 


  • A red Laser goes out on some units. 
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Yocuby Santa Claus Christmas Light

Yocuby Santa Claus Christmas Light simply adds a snowflake light display and is designed to use as a night light or as a projector. Moreover, they use a USB cord or three AAA batteries and are pretty easy to install. They are only rated IP20, hence, it is only good for indoor application. Besides this, these projectors have got a small coverage area. 


  • Multicolored snowflake projections. 
  • Easy to move and relocate throughout the house. 
  • Two power options- USB cord or AAA batteries. 


  • Has got less coverage area. 
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XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights 

XVDZS Christmas Laser Lights has got best coverage area of 38000 square feet when the lights are placed at a distance of 33 feet. Besides this, its projector head rotated 300 degrees. Moreover, they include a remote control which allows its users to have complete control over light settings. 

Besides that, they come with two installation options- ground stake or base plate for clamping. Likewise, their adapter is IP44 rated so it needs a bit of protection from the weather. 


  • High coverage area.
  • Clear image projection up to 33 feet. 
  • Rotating Head (300 degrees). 


  • The adapter is not waterproof. 
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COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights 

COOWOO Christmas Laser Lights Projector projects a maximum of 600 square feet setting it up to a 33-foot distance. Their head angle is adjustable so that its user can get the best display possible. 

Besides that, this model features a built-in timer that turns on the projection for 8 hours. They come with only one option of installation which is a ground stake. 


  • Easy to Install. 
  • Adjustable head. 
  • The automatic timer kicks in as soon as it’s plugged in. 


  • Only one installation option is available. 
  • Few extra features. 
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YMING Christmas Snowflake Projector 

YMING Christmas Snowflake Projector has got a single pattern- that is snowflakes. This moving snowflakes projection creates a 3D effect, where the snowflakes slowly fade away. 

Besides that, they include remote controls. which helps users control the speed of the effect and the four-timer settings. Likewise, its head is adjustable to 180 degrees and has got round base or ground stake as installation options. Also, they have got IP 65 rating and its power adapter has a rating of only IP44. 


  • Four timer settings 
  • 3D effect of snowflakes. 
  • Two installation options. 


  • Adapter rated IP44 only.
Christmas Snowflake Projector Lights Outdoor
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SPOOBOOLA Party Light DJ Disco Lights 

SPOOBOOLA Party Light DJ Disco Lights has got three mode options which are auto, sound control, and strobe. Moreover, the sound control has got two different light settings. The remote control runs the modes and allows users to make adjustments to the display speed. 

Besides this, they include an adjustable tripod or a bracket for permanent installation. 


  • Remote Control. 
  • Flexible tripod installation option. 
  • Two music control settings 
  • Red, green, or red/green color modes. 


  • Poor Microphone. 
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Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights 

Poeland Outdoor Garden Laser Lights are pretty bright, focused light which allows users to focus light on a certain area. They offer four timer settings of 2,4,6 and 8 hours. Besides this, they feature two installation options which are a ground stake and a platform that works for indoor use. 

Likewise, they include security locks. Also, they include a remote control that allows users to control colors, and movement speed and to control the automatic timer. 


  • Includes security kit. 
  • Shows up well on uneven surfaces. 
  • Focused light that makes colors appear brighter. 


  • A few units have had a faulty remote. 
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Buying Guide Of The Best Christmas Light Projectors 

Some of the factors which a person needs to keep in mind before buying the best Christmas Light Projectors are mentioned below.

  • Patterns and Projection Range.
  • Durability and Waterproofing. 
  • Installation 
  • Remote and Timer


Believe me or not adding a light projector at Christmas can be a great source of light to add uniqueness to your space. Don’t you think so? So you can choose the one you like from the above list However it’s always your choice to choose the one you love to have in your space.

Have A Good Day Cheers!!!

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