Best Color Light For Sleep

Best Color Light For Sleep

You might be thinking Which Color Is Suitable For Sleeping? Or Which is the Best Color Light For Sleep? Want to create a relaxing, environment in your space huh? Our body reacts in various ways to several light colors. The color temperature has approximately 2000 Kelvin during sunrise and sunset. Sunrise and sunset may serve as the best color light for sleep.

Red Bedroom Lighting
Red Bedroom Lighting

Positive Effects Of The Right Color

As per the source, a light source such as 1900K presented several positive effects on human biological rhythm. Similar to the sunset, the light source of 1900K is an artificial light of harmony. It promotes the secretion of melatonin which improves the quality of your sleep. 

What LED Light Color Is Best For Sleeping?

Studies have proven that the best LED light color for biological rhythm is warm orange and yellow. Moreover, it suggests that red lights can be the best color for sleep. 

As of now, we are more connected or attached to screens all day exposing ourselves to artificial lights. 

The blue light that we are exposed to functions exactly opposite as the sunrise or sunset light does, which means artificial light does harm our sleep and affects our sleeping time. 

Besides this, red light color can also be a great light color for sleep. 

Science Made Fun has mentioned that In our retina specialized photosensitive cells called ipRGCs, which are able to detect any light and navigate messages to a part of the brain which is responsible for maintaining the circadian clock. You might be thinking what the heck is the circadian clock? Well, it’s basically our body’s master clock, ipRGC cells are most sensitive to blue wavelengths of light. Also, lead is sensitive to red wavelength. 

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Choosing A Light For Sleeping -Best Color Light For Sleep

You have to look for LED fixtures with color options available if you want to have colors like red, yellow, and orange. Also, you can get an RGB controller that can change between warm and cool color temperatures. 

One can easily switch between color temperatures enabling your body to easily adjust. In the morning and evening time temperatures ranging from 2000K to 2700K can be suitable, whereas in the middle of the day 4000K to 6000K may be ideal.

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