Best LED Light Panels

Best LED Light Panels In 2023

Want to have the Best LED Light Panels in your space? You have landed on the right article. Today we will discuss some of the top-rated and best LED Light Panels. But before that let us talk more about the LED Light Panels. 

What Are Lighting Panels?

Lighting Panels are those panels that contain fuses or circuit breakers used to protect branch circuits serving lighting fixtures. 

Why Lighting Panels?

Some of the common reason why people loves lighting panels are mentioned below:

  • Flexible Design.
  • Highly Durable. 
  • Environmentally Friendly. 
  • Great Lighting Quality. 
  • Very Bright.
  • Multiple Light Colour Options. 
  • Dissipate heat uniformly. 

Best LED Light Panels In 2023

We have researched some of the top brands and manufacturers of LED Light Panels and have come up with the top LED Light Panels. So without wasting time let’s get into our article. 

Rotolight NEO 3

Rotolight NEO 3 comes on top of our list with a color temperature of 3000-10000K. They weigh around 345g and have got a dimension of 145*50mm. These lights deliver a full range of colors in both modes with full RGBWW options. Also, they come in various configurations and kits. 

Moreover, it delivers a full-color range in both constant and flash modes. Also, they are available in a simple and intuitive color touchscreen menu. 


  • Compact. 
  • Constant Light and Flash modes. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Wide range of lighting effects. 


  • Pretty Expensive. 
  • Flash Power Is Quite Low. 
  • Wireless flash triggers are sold separately.
Rotolight NEO 3
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Rotolight NEO 2

Rotolight NEO 2 comes on second of our list and gives the light output of 2000 lux maximum brightness at three feet which is 91.5cm. They consist of six AA batteries that sustain 90 minutes of full-power continuous illumination. 

Besides that these lights consist of an AC adapter, a D-Tap port, and 6 * AA batteries. Also the color temperature of 3150-6300K. 


  • Customizable Effects. 
  • Simple but powerful controls.


  • Pretty Expensive. 
  • Brightness drops at some settings. 
rotolight hss wireless transmitter controller for neo 2 aeos anova pro 2 optimized by elinchrom to work with fujifilm cameras
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LituFoto R18 

Want compact LED Light Panels? LituFoto R18 can be the best fit for you as they are very compact and has got multiple color lights with effects. These lights have color temperatures between 3200 to 5600K. They use a power source that is a Li-ion battery and has a dimension of 149 * 80mm. Moreover, these lights give a power output of 10W which can be boosted to 13W. Also, they have got special effects lighting with nine simulations including lightning and emergency service vehicles. 


  • Compact
  • Bicolor Light. 
  • Doubles as a power bank. 


  • Battery Power Only.
rlitufoto r18 mini pocket rgb led video light panel fill light 3200k 5600k ra 96 360 colors 9 common light effect scene 100s ultra bright mode with screen for dslr camera photo video shooting
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Neewer 176 LED Panel 

Want budget-friendly LED Light Panels? Well, here we have Neewer 176 LED Panel. These lights are pretty budget friendly and come in a color temperature of 5600K. They use DC/Li-ion batteries as the power source. These lights are powerful little lights that can be mounted on a camera’s hot shoe or a tripod. Moreover, they have got fixed color temperature which is 5600K daylight. Likewise, they include batteries or DC power supply.


  • Bright, Powerful Light, 
  • Budget Friendly. 


  • Fixed Color Temperature..
  • Batteries/power supply not included. 
neewer 176 led video light lighting kit dimmable 176 led panel with 2200mah li ion battery usb battery charger and carrying case for product and portrait photography
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Lume Cube 2.0

Lume Cube 2.0 was started back in the year 2014 and has got extended battery life. As of now, these lights last for an hour and a half at 100% brightness. Also, they can be easily connected to Bluetooth and can use the lights while charging via USB. These are highly portable and modular. 


  • Good Light Quality. 
  • Improved Control Ergonomics. 


  • App can be unreliable. 
  • Accessories are pretty expensive.
Lume Cube Panel Mini
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Lume Cube Panel 

Lume Cube Panel is pretty good and has a color temperature between 3200 to 5600K. They use the internal battery as a power source and has got dimensions of 151 * 80 *9.8mm. Moreover, they weigh 180g and can be used as a power bank. These lights use a 3.85V Li-Polymer battery which lasts around 90 to 100 minutes and is pretty good. Likewise, these lights are pretty bright so if you want bright light you can go with it. 


  • Good light power. 
  • Can be used as a power bank. 


  • Middling color temp range. 
  • Cheaper options exist. 
Lume Cube Panel Mini
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Apututre MC RGBWW LED Light 

Want small light? You can have Apututre MC RGBWW LED Light which is extraordinarily tiny and suits a slim smartphone setup. They have got color temperatures between 3200 and 6500K. Likewise, they use internal batteries as a power source. These lights weigh around 130g and have a dimension of 93 * 61mm. 


  • Credit card sized. 
  • Controllable via the app. 


  • No phone mount. 
  • Lacking brightness. 

Joby Beamo/Beamo Mini 

Want a traditional LED panel? You can go with Joby Beamo/Beamo Mini as it does follow the traditional concepts.  These lights have a color temperature of 5100K  and use a Built-in Lithium-ion battery as the power source. They weigh around 130g and has got a dimension of 47*51*51mm. Moreover, this light has a lumens output of 1500 lumens. 


  • Magnetic Mounting. 
  • Rugged Waterproof Design. 


  • 40 minutes battery life. 
  • Not the brightest. 
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Rotolight AEOS 2

Rotolight AEOS 2 has got great quality and is best for heavy-duty handheld lights. They have got color temperatures between 3000-10000K. These lights use mains as a power source and an optional V-lock 24V 150W Li-ion battery. They weigh around 2.4kd and has got a dimension of 295*25mm. 

In addition to it, these lights have got a color touchscreen which makes it easy to access a huge range of lighting options, special effects, and digital filters. 


  • Digital filters and special effects. 
  • Slim, lightweight construction. 
  • RGBWW constant light. 


  • RF wireless triggers are sold separately. 
  • Expensive to buy. 
  • Some kits lack battery packs. 


LED Lights Panel can be the best choice to add to your space to have great lights. You can choose one of the light panels from the list of Best LED Light Panels. However at last it’s always your choice to go with the one you love. 

Have A Great Day Cheers!!!

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