Best LED Lights For Bedroom 2022

Best LED Lights For Bedroom 2022

I spent most of my time in my home. Don’t You? So, to make our time more blissful lighting of our room also plays an important role. Isn’t it? 

So, today we gonna be discussing some of the Best LED Lights For Bedroom in 2022. Some of which I have personally used in my room too. 

Generally, we don’t put any effort into adding up lights in our room in a proper place. We tend to find the easiest way to add lights to our room. It may be as easy as switching from an old incandescent light bulb with a LED color-changing smart bulb. Moreover one can simply add some LED strip lighting to their bookshelves TV or Bedroom. But at the same time if you decide to personalize your space by adding out some lighting you’re not gonna be regretting it. 

So, after this talk, you might be thinking Where To Put LED Lights In My Room Huh!!

Let me suggest to you some places where you can put your lighting.

Where To Put LED Lights In Room? 

Some of the best places to place LED lighting in your room include:-

  • LED strip lights for TVs.
  • LED strip lights for bookshelves.
  • Portable color-changing table lamp.
  • Modern LED floor lamp.
  • LED strips lights for bed frame, headboards, walls mirror, and desks.
  • LED fairy lights for decor.
  • LED bulbs for ceiling lights and floor lamps.
  • Remote control LED bulbs for bedrooms. 
  • LED tile lights for bedrooms. 

Best Economical LED Lights For Bedrooms

In search of an LED light which won’t empty your pocket but is still worth buying?

So, here we have listed a few LED lights which are budget friendly and worth trying out. 

  1. Govee – Color Changing LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are just outstanding. One can easily add the light above any surface by just peeling it and sticking it on top of the surface. 

One can easily add them to their under the bed, walls, headboard dresser, or around mirrors. 

Most of the strip lights come in a roll. However, some of them come in small sections. One needs to have a wall outlet to plug a cord into. As we are looking for the light for a bedroom, you need to have an outlet in your bedroom too. 

As strip lights can have complete control one can use the app to adjust their brightness, color, and timer controls. This feature of strip LED lights helps you to use them easily and promptly. 

Govee - Color Changing LED Strip Lights
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  1. Govee – LED Light Bulbs 

Well, If you don’t want to deal with apps and all this might be the best fit for you. 

Govee bulb may be the best pick for you as it gives all the benefits of the LED bulbs without the presence of applications or apps. 

Most of the bulbs are sized on a scale as you have an A19 bulb size. You generally use it in your standard floor lamp, desk lamp, or ceiling lamplight fixtures term A in A19 bulb refers to the shape of the bulb and the remaining two digits 19 refers to the diameter of the bulb. With this, you can have more energy saving, a longer lifespan, and better control over the color of the LED light. 

Govee - LED Light Bulbs 
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  1. HouHui – Headboard and Bed Frame Lights 

HouHui is a headboard and Bed Frame lights. One can easily use this light to decorate the bed or for any other functional purpose. One can use light strips if they want a bed with LED lights, as they can easily stick to the underneath side of the bed frame or the back of a headboard. Moreover one can simply change color, set timers, and sense motion, so the light strip can be perfect for the bedroom.

HouHui - Headboard and Bed Frame Lights 
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Bed Mid-Range LED Lights for Bedrooms

Wanna a bit more than just a color-changing bulb? Here’s where you can still get creative with lighting ideas for your dressers, bookshelves, and so on.

  1. Luminoodle- Wireless LED Strips for Bookshelves 

You can simply add lighting to your bookshelf to simply pop up a small section of your room. As strip LED lights have got the easy function of peeling and sticking it’s very easy to use them on the bookshelf. 

But you must focus on several things, you should make sure that the surface where you are sticking light be clean, and dust free. One can go for a LED strip with a battery-powered wireless option or either go for a regular LED strip light roll with a plug-in power supply. 

Luminoodle- Wireless LED Strips for Bookshelves 
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  1. Minetom- Mini LED Fairy Lights 

Having Mini LED Fairy Lights around the home and in the yard is always fun. One can easily hang them on the wall, on indoor plants, on desks, or the bookshelves. As per our research, most of the mini lights will be operated by a battery. However, some of them are those which use plug-in power supplies, which are used for decoration purposes. 

This light may give you the feeling of natural light (ambient light). So you can check it out. 

Minetom- Mini LED Fairy Lights
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Best High-End LED Lights for Bedrooms

Well, there is a saying fish or cut bait. So why not go for something which is good and goes a long way? In most LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) one can get better color consistency, longer-lasting batteries or products, and a higher CRI (i.e. Color Rendering Index). 

Besides that spending, more on light may expose or may get you better customer service by the related brand. However, it is always worth it to invest in a quality light. So, here is the list of some high-quality LED Lights for bedrooms:-

  1. Govee ‘Lyra’ – LED Corner Floor Lamps 

Using to tall floor lamp may be a perfect choice for someone who doesn’t have a ceiling light. So, Govee might be a good choice for you. Now you might be thinking of grabbing out a generic lamp instead of this right? But the thing is why not make the room as unique as you are?

This might not be the choice of everyone which makes it more unique to use in corner of your room. But make sure to put the lamp near the wall outlet where you could easily plug it in. 

Are you searching for light for a home office or library? This might be the right fit.

Govee ‘Lyra’ - LED Corner Floor Lamps 
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  1. Nanoleaf- Multicolor LED Light Panels 

Nanoleaf is a multicolor LED Light panel that one can easily place on walls and create unique shapes and designs. You can create a blissful ambiance according to the work you are doing it may be watching movies, gaming, streaming, and so on. 

But one thing you need to keep in mind is to make sure that the wall where you are adding the light must be clean. 

According to sources, most of the wall tile lights have expandable (which can be extended) tile sets. 

Besides that before buying make sure to buy one with of plug-in version instead of a USB you’ll have more options for usage. 

Nanoleaf- Multicolor LED Light Panels 
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  1. Govee WiFi TV Backlight 

Talking about Govee – WiFi TV Backlight you will surely want it if you see it one time. Though it takes time to install it’s worth it. 

So let’s discuss how does it function?

Well, the backlit TV uses a camera that gets mounted to the top or the bottom of the TV. When it is calibrated, it captures the colors on the screens to replay them to the strip lights on the back, which is quite amazing to see. 

However, it needs an app named Govee Home to be operated. 

Govee WiFi TV Backlight 
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  1. Philips Hue- Portable LED Table Lamp 

Philips Hue is one of the best-LED Table Lamp which is portable.  The lamp with 6’’*6’’*3’’ light gives you illumination anywhere throughout the room. Moreover, it is small enough so that it can be incorporated into any room and it provides enough light to glow a room. 

Besides this the battery life of the product is pretty good, it ranges from 2.5 hours to 18 hours. The battery life is based on the way the light is set up and how much it’s used. 

Also, the Philips Hue allows customers to control the light’s function via Bluetooth it making it quite handy and easy to use. 

Philips Hue- Portable LED Table Lamp 
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  1. Philips Hue – Smart Home LED Light Bulbs

Rather than using incandescent bulbs, use the LEB bulb. These smart bulbs can be super functional as we can get control of the light via an app on your phone or tablet. 

Most modern LED smart bulbs will require an app to be downloaded to be fully functional. However, some of them are operated on Wifi or Bluetooth.  These were some Best LED Lights For Bedroom 2022 to be equipped in your home. Besides that lots of people are confused on various topics which we gonna covering in this article.

Philips Hue - Smart Home LED Light Bulbs
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Is LED Lighting Good For Bedrooms?

LED Lights are quite great for bedrooms as it is easily customizable. Well, you can not just only use lighting in the bedrooms. You can easily take the whole home approach as lighting is one of the essential parts when it comes to decorating the house. Moreover, with controls devices and apps, it’s easier to customize an LED (Light Emitting Diode)

Nowadays LED lights are getting more popular and no doubt you could find an easy solution for lighting with the use of the lights. One can use LED lights for various purposes. For e.g you can use a traditional bulb for a lamp, table lamps, strip lights behind your bed frame, and LED lights behind your TV. 

Besides this, LED lights can help you sleep with red ambient lights. Also LED lights don’t generate much heat compared to incandescent bulbs. 

So, let’s discuss some of the benefits of LED Lights. 

Benefits To LED Lights 

One can use LED lights anywhere in the home. The small size of LED fixtures makes them adaptable for various types of lights like strip lights, mini lights, puck lights, and so on. 

Some of the benefits of LED Lights (reference: Site Logiq) include:-

  • Small (Compact) Size
  • Saves Energy
  • Financial Advantages
  • Low heat emittance
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Color Changing Ability

Do LED Lights Ruin Your Walls? 

Well being honest, there is a chance. While you are removing the strong adhesive backing LED strip lights might lift paint off your wall and ceiling. As the strip lights use electrical circuitry so you are not able to secure them with nails. 

The feature of the strip lights is to stick strip lights above the flat surface. However, this might be disadvantageous when it is used on painted walls or even woods. It may damage surfaces when peeled off. 

But there is a temporary solution use can use small clips to secure the strip’s light to prevent drooping. 

How Long Should LED Lights Be For A Room?

You can have a standard 16-foot roll or a strip light that can be easily connected together. As we know that most standard-sized bedrooms are around 12 by 12 feet or sometimes even smaller. However, master bedrooms can be much larger compared to standard rooms. 

So, better if you measure the rooms with tape and visit the nearest store.  


Are LED Lighting Good For Bedrooms?

Ans: LED Lights are quite great for bedrooms as it is easily customizable.

Which bedroom LED lights are the best?

Ans: Some of the best bedroom LED lights to include Govee – Color Changing LED Strip Lights, Govee – LED Light Bulbs, HouHui – Headboard and Bed Frame Lights , Luminoodle- Wireless LED Strips for Bookshelves, and so on.

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