Best Rattan Pendant Lights

Best Rattan Pendant Lights

 In search of the best Rattan Pendant Light? Well, Today we going to be discussing some of the top-rated and best rattan pendant lights. But before that let us know what the actual are pendant lights.

What Is Pendant Lights?

Pendant lights are those light fixture which is suspended from the ceiling with only a single light bulb incorporated into the fixture. 

Why Pendant Lights?

Some of the common reason why people uses pendant lights are mentioned below:

  • Easy to Install 
  • Reduces glare and eye strains. 
  • Energy Efficient 
  • Space Saving 
  • Easy to Customize. 

Best Rattan Pendant Lights 

We have researched some of the top brands and manufacturers and have come up with the best Rattan Pendant Lights. So without wasting a single second let’s get into it. 

Tiered Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light 

Tiered Bamboo Rattan Pendant Light has got unique design as it is handcrafted. They are made up of organic rattan and bamboo which are both suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

These pendant lights come in multiple sizes and consist of only one pendant light in the box.  Moreover, they include one set of cord grips to attach to your cord. However, they do not include a cord, light bulb, and light diffuser. 


  • Includes only one pendant light only. 
  • Consist of one set of cord grips to attach to the cord. 
  • 100% natural rattan and bamboo. 
  • Hand Crafted. 
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Swirling Rattan Pendant Light 

Swirling Rattan Pendant Lights are made up of wavy strands of rattan woven in a domed shade. These light are hardwired and requires a 100W E26 medium base bulb. 

Besides this, these pendant lights have got a dimension of 19’dia * 17’h. These lights have got cord length of 72 and a weight of 3.5 lbs. 


  • Hardwired
  • Required 100W E26 medium base bulb. 
  • Compact fluorescent compatible. 
Swirling Rattan Pendant Light
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DANGGEOI Handwoven Bamboo Rattan Pendant 

DANGGEOI Handwoven Bamboo Rattan Pendant light comes third on the list. These lights are of the cylindrical double barrel design which is pretty elegant and handmade. these lights are made up of natural bamboo. 

Moreover, they are quite easy to install and has got wide applications as they can be suitable for living rooms, kitchens, restaurants, dining, and so on. In addition to it, they also provide a warranty of 2 years of time frame. 


  • Excellent Design 
  • Natural Material Used
  • Easy to Install. 
  • Warranty-2 years of time frame. 
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Cylindrical Rattan Pendant Light 

Cylindrical Rattan Pendant Light is made up of boho material and offers a graphic modernist. Moreover, their hardwired design features two cylinders of caged rattan strands supported by a metal frame. 

Besides this, they also require a 60W E26 standard base bulb. They have a dimension of 15.75

8dia * 15.75’h and shade dimensions of 15.35*dia *15’h. These lights are made in compliance with US electrical standards. 


  • Hardwired 
  • Requires 60W E26 standard base bulb. 
  • Graphic modernist. 
  • Features two cylinders of caged rattan strands. 

Minna Bohemian Rattan Pendant 

Minna Bohemian Rattan Pendant has the hand-finished rattan fixture of the Minna pendant lamp. This lamp is equipped with a 15-inch cord for installation and a ceiling canopy. Likewise, they include a ground plug for wall application and do not have to be hardwired. 

Besides this, they are made with rattan and consist of one pendant light. These lights are only suitable for indoor use and consist of a Plug-in switch. They use the 15-foot cord length and bulb wattage of 40W. 


  • Indoor use only. 
  • Plug in the switch. 
  • Made with rattan. 
  • Bohemian and Eclectic style. 
  • 15-foot cord length. 
Cylindrical Rattan Pendant Light
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Wicker Globe Pendant 

Wicker Globe Pendant is a boho-inspired piece with a modern twist. They have got adjustable hanging height which makes users adjust the light easily in any space. 

Moreover, this light has an Iron canopy in a Dark Bronze finish and a cane shade in natural or black.

Besides this, they are handcrafted and hardwired. These lights are UL Listed and are compatible with dimmer switches. Also, these lights are suitable for use in the bathroom and outdoor applications too. 


  • Iron canopy in a Dark Bronze finish.
  • E26 Socket. 
  • Adjustable hanging height. 
  • UL Listed.
  • Compatible with dimmer switches. 
  • Handcrafted.
Wicker Globe Pendant
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Bamboo Rattan Pendant Lamp 

Bamboo Rattan Pendant Lamp ate high-quality bamboo lamp shade pendant. These lights are handcrafted in Vietnam and can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications such as cafes, patios, restaurants, houses, and so on. 

Besides this, these lights are available in three sizes and come with or without an interior glass shade which allows its user to have a customized look. 


  • Handmade
  • High-quality bamboo is used.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Clear line design. 
  • Natural wood color. 

Bamboo Lamp Shade Pendant
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Adding Rattan pendant lights to your space can be the best way to add unique lights to your space. You can choose the one that fits your requirement from the above list. However, it’s always your choice to choose the one you love the most.

Have A Good Day Cheers!!!

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