Best Bookshelf LED Lighting Ideas

Best Bookshelf LED Lighting Ideas- Bookshelf Lighting

Bookshelves may be the place where you can add personal style. What Can Be The Way? Well, lighting could be one. You can easily add functional or mood lighting for your bookshelf or in your room. With this, you might get additional benefits from long-lasting, bright fixtures of LED lighting. 

In the article, we have covered some important aspects regarding Bookshelves lighting which you need to keep in mind before choosing the best bookshelf lights:

The Best Bookshelf Lights – Bookshelf Lighting

One can easily find various prices and styles of bookshelf lighting from an online store such as Amazon or Home Depot and so on. 

Some of the things that you need to look at before buying bookshelf lights:

  • Wireless or Plug-In: One can use batteries or a wall outlet to get power to your lights.
  • Size of bookshelves: Measure the size of your bookshelves properly.
  • LED color temperature: Well, 2700K warm looks good with earthy tones. Likewise, 500K cool looks good for white cabinetry or bookshelves.

Plug-In LED Light Strips 

Plug-In light strips may be one of the best choices for bookshelf lighting. Moreover, these lights provide consistency and have got high coverage.

Besides that, LED strip light comes in a roll of 16.4 feet or 32 feet. If you want to have a longer roll you can get jumper cords for the longer rolls. 

One can go for Govee – 3000K Dimmable strip lights with a control box, which has got a controller switch and adhesive backing. 

Govee Warm White LED Strip Lights
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Connectors For LED Strip Lights 

If you need to cut sections of LED strip light then you have to re-connect to the same power supply source. You need to make sure that the original LED light strip width is compatible, the strip light may be either 8mm or 10mm. 

You can go with HitLight, which is one of the best LED Connector Cords on the market. 

Hitlights LED Connector
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Battery Powered LED Light Strips

Want A Basic Set Up To Bright Up Dark Shell? You can use LED strip lights that stick up on any surface. You can set them for several places such as wood or laminate surface, plastics, and so on. 

You can use battery-powered LED light strips, which may be more efficient. Moreover using a remote with the battery-powered lights. Remote allows users to control the lights most simply. Besides that, LED strip lights also have got adhesive backing. 

POWER PRACTICAL Luminoodle Under Cabinet Lighting
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Battery Powered LED Lights 

Most people use battery-powered lights for their bookshelves. If you don’t have an outlet nearby you can go for the Brilliant Evolution puck light kit. Some of the round lights are a bit bulky and have got 55 lumens of light. 

Some of the features that the battery-powered LED lights have are :

  • Remote Controlled Light
  • Quantity- How many fixtures are needed  or how many feet
  • Number of batteries
  • Touch on/off light
  • Color temperatures such as warm cool, and RGB.
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LED Linear Stick Lights 

Personally, I love linear stick lights and LED light fixtures. As of now they are small in size, slim, and can directly plug into a wall outlet. 

These lights can be the permanent way to get the perfect source of light for a bookshelf lighting. 

Unlike LED light strips, which sit exposed, stick lights house and enclosed stick lights which act as a diffuser. 

Under Cabinet Lighting
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LED Accent Spotlights

Accent lights have got easy add adhesive backing or screw mounting abilities. These types of lights are best suited for directing a beam of light. Wireless battery-operated spotlights, may have a quick fix and don’t have recessed ceiling lights. 

HONWELL LED Spotlights Indoor Accent Lights Wireless Dimmable Puck Lights with 2 Remote
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How Do You Illuminate A Bookcase?

Bookcase lighting is used as an accent light, which can be placed on the bookshelf the lit up your books. Choosing the type of light is the first step in illuminating your bookshelf. Some of my favorites lights are

  • Light Strips: Long sections of light with adhesive backing which is cuttable. 
  • Puck Lights: Round Lights 
  • Battery Powered Lights: Wireless lights which can be recharged.
  • Stick or Linear Lights: These types of lights are easy to install with adhesive backing.
  • Adjustable Spot Lights: Lights with a directional beam spread.

However, there is always installation difficulty on your bookshelf. Sometimes you may have to drill through shelving to hide wires. 

Also, you need to have access to the nearby wall outlet, if you are using a plug-in style power supply.


What’s The Difference Between A Bookcase And A Bookshelf?

A bookcase is enclosed with a wood or panel backing. It does have more trim features and is designed to sit on the floor. Moreover, Bookcase can be referred to as built-in or built out that we add to our space. 

On the other hand, the bookshelf is open shelving that sits on wall brackets. Bookshelves seem more contemporary and are popular these days. 

Best Bookshelf LED Lighting Ideas
Best Bookshelf LED Lighting Ideas

Battery Operated Bookshelf Lighting 

Battery Operated Bookshelf Lighting allows you to light up the light in any dark place without any outlets. Battery-operated lights have both a boon and curse to light. It is a boon that one can easily control the light setting while sitting in their comfort zone. However, the limitation is that you have to recharge or replace batteries from time to time. 

Besides, that one can use battery-operated bookshelf lighting as they have got the ability to light up themselves without a power supply. Batteries are also of various types, but the one used in bookshelf light is an AA battery which can be easily mounted with adhesive or screws. 

Where To Install LED Strip Lights On Bookshelves?

Strip lights are both great for tight spaces like bookshelves or bookcases. Some of the places where you can add the lighting are given below :

  • Above the shelves reflecting light inside.
  • From the top to bottom on the inside of the bookshelf. 
  • On the back side of open shelving to reflect on the wall. 
  • The underside of the shelf. 

Most important here is to locate any wires and to find the nearby wall outlets. However, they are always battery-operated lights if you don’t have the o[ptions of limited plug-in capability. 

Time To Conclude 

Lighting can be a great option to add a personal touch to your space, in this case, bookshelves. I guess you have got the overall knowledge to select the best lighting option for your space from this article. However, at last, it is always your choice to choose the best lighting for your space. What I think is best for lighting may not be good for you. 

The best part is you can always replace the lighting as per your need and preferences. So make them as unique as possible.

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