Best Color Changing LED Light Bulbs

Best Color Changing LED Light Bulbs

One of the best ways to personalize your space is via lighting. Willing to set up color changing LED light bulbs to light up your space? You can control the colors and other features if you have got color changing light. 

Based on my personal experience, there are lots of things that you need to consider before purchasing color changing LED light bulbs. Most of the color changing LED bulbs are accompanied by an app. At the same time, you can also get remote control if you don’t want the app to be installed on your phone. 

Want to get a bare-bones color changing a light bulb? You can go for Lighting Ever – Color Changing Light Bulbs with remote control. 

LE Color Changing Light Bulbs
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Want to take color control of light via an app? Then go with LIFZ – Wi-Fi Smart LED color light bulb. 

LIFX Color
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Here are some of the things that may help you when choosing a color changing light bulb and save some bucks. 

  • Automations and Timers 
  • Voltage ranges of 110-140V may be suitable.
  • Bulb type – A19
  • Wi-Fi Bulb of 2.4 Giga Hertz 
  • Multiple bulbs pairing capabilities.
  • Bulb consisting RGB and RGBW having both colors.
  • High Wattage of 4-10 W (Equivalent to – 40-75Watt)
  • High Lumen number – Lower the number lower the brightness and vice versa. 

Best Color Changing LED Light Bulbs

Color changing light bulbs may be the best fit for your space and get it a personalized touch. 

Usually, for standard LED light bulbs, we need some of the basic control systems, however, for color changing light bulbs, it is better to control the light via an app or remote. 

The reason behind it is that you can maximize the benefit of the color option. Also, you can just control life with one click on your mobile phone.

Lighting Ever – Best Overall 

Not Willing to download the app or deal with the Wi-Fi setup?  Well, there is a solution for you. You can search for a wireless remote-controlled color changing bulb. 

Lots of LED bulbs that use remote control are available in the market. But you need to filter out and select the best one among them. So keep in mind that go for remote have color keys in it instead of the button. Why? This allows users to easily get access to the color that they need

On the back of the remote control, you can see a small CR battery. You can pull the plastic tab to activate the remote. 

The next thing that you need to consider is the range of the remote. Just go with the one with the range of 20 feet. So you wouldn’t have to face the problem of the range. LED light remotes use Infrared sensors. Similar to the TV remote, you have to point the remote in the direction of the TV and need to be in the range to have control over it. 

LE Color Changing Light Bulbs
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Enbrighten – Best For Outdoors

Do you like spending time outside? If it’s true then color changing light bulbs can make your outdoor space more amusing. Being said that you don’t have to wait for some occasion to add color changing lights. You can simply put those traditional bulbs down and set up new LED color changing bulbs. 

Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights
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LIFX – Best App Controlled 

If you want to control your lights via the app and get the most out of it then you should go with Color changing bulb. 

Though the app may cover up some space on your device it is worth it. Some of the features of the app are that you can have control over light color, brightness, full automation, and timers. 

It is always easy to maintain the ecosystem of lighting in your house. The most challenging part is to choose the LED bulb as you need to match with the ecosystem or either has to get out of the ecosystem and select your preferred one. 

Some of the popular brands providing color changing light bulbs with apps include:-

  • LIFX 
  • Govee
  • Kasa
  • Philips Hue
  • Sylvania
  • Cree Lighting
LIFX Color
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Sengled Solo- Best Speaker 

Sengled Solo – Bluetooth Color Light Bulb with a speaker, it’s a rare combination. You might be thinking about where I can use it huh? But the thing is it has got multiple applications. You can set them up in the office, garages, dorm, living, and bedroom. 

It’s pretty cool to play music from a light fixture Isn’t It? 

Note that one can’t have a speaker in their light fixture without the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) color changing features. Well, color can add an amusing setting to any space. 

Sengled Solo RGBW Bluetooth Light Bulb Speaker
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Sylvania – Best Smart Wifi 

Want to control the color of your room from anywhere? Want to set a timer on the lights? Well, Sylvania is the best which enables color changing light bulbs with Wi-Fi.  It’s quite easy to plug into a standard socket, so it makes it the user easy to switch from an incandescent bulb. 

Apps have tons of settings and features that make users easy to use and customize based on their preferences. Moreover, you can set up several things by yourself like movies, Holiday occasions, and set colors for bedtime. 

Besides this smart bulbs can work with Alexa-enabled devices such as Alexa, Google Siri, or Amazon Alexa. 

Hence if you want to make your home life easier adding some of the styles might be the perfect light for you. 

SYLVANIA Wifi LED Smart Light Bulb
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Do All LED Light Bulbs Change Colors?

No, not all LED light bulbs change colors. Most LED light bulbs are not RGB, hence, they can’t change colors. 

One can find some LED light bulbs are tunable which means that one can control the various color of the light. But at the same time, some LED bulbs will be one specific color temperature on the Kelvin scale. Kelvin scale ranges between 1000K to 10000K. 

What Are Color Changing Light Bulbs Called?

Color changing light bulbs can be referred to as multi-color light bulbs or RGB light bulbs. 

So when the term color changing words comes we can relate to it LED light with RGB as the base to create other colors. 

Moreover, the other used terms for residential lighting can be warm – white, cool white, daylight, and so on. But the thing is you need not confuse this with a color changing light bulb but it has got to deal with color temperature on the Kelvin scale. 

Choosing The Right Color Light For Your Mood

To be honest, Color and lighting have got an impact on our lives than we thought. Color plays a significant role in our moods and the way we interact with our surroundings. Most of the time the best color for sleep may be warm orange. Also, it can be red to represent the setting sun.

Colors and Moods Chart
Colors and Moods Chart

Smart Home LED Light Platforms 

You need to select a platform if you want to set up your lighting from the whole home approach. So being in the ecosystem you can connect devices like LED lights, speakers, and TV has control over lights.

Some of the few things to look into when choosing lights for your home:-

  • Apple’s Siri
  • Amazon’s Alexa
  • Google Assistant

Using 2.4 GHz WiFi For LED Bulbs (not 5 GHz)

Most people don’t think about this stuff until and unless they go for installing your new light. Sometimes a compatibility issue with Bluetooth LED light Bulbs while using the right WiFi Giga Hertz. 

However, if you want to switch between Giga Hertz then you must have a dual-band router. As per our research, most LED light bulbs will be 2.4 Giga Hertz. However, your WiFi may not be set up and sometimes the Internet Service provider will intelligently switch this. 

Are Color Changing Bulbs Worth It?

Well, being honest investing in color changing bulbs is worth it. Moreover, RGB color changing bulbs allow us to add a personalized touch or can be set up creatively. 

Moreover one can connect them with LED smart home technology and with various platforms including Siri, Alexa, and so on.

You won’t regret adding color changing bulbs to your space. 

So just make your lighting unique as you have maintained your paintings framed arts in your space. Why Not Making Your Writer Unique?

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