How to Choose Dimmable LED Strip Lights?

Want to set the right mood? If yes go with the lighting which can dim your lights or change the brightness of the light. As dimmable LED strip lights are simple and easy to install. 

How To Choose Dimmable Strip Lights?

Here are a few things that you need to consider before buying a dimmable strip light. So choose these things in a proper way

  • The length of the strip light roll. 
  • The color temperature of the strip lights such as RGB, warm, and cool. 
  • The power source (hardwired, plug-in, battery operated)
  • Last but not least decide how you gonna be controlling and dim the lights. 

In-Line Control Dimmer 

So what does In-Line control dimmer mean? Well, an In-Line control dimmer means a controller which sits within the power source and the lights. 

In simple, these In-line controller works like an on/off switch. Also, it can act as a dimmer/brightness controller. 

Lots of LED lighting brands competing in the market provide an in-line switch, a remote controller, or even an app all embedded in one product. 

Last but not least check that you have access to press the dimmer button controls while buying an in-line controller. So always go with the one which allows you to easily access the control box. 

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Handheld IR Remote Control 

Remote control generally used Infrared sensors to have control over the lights. So you might be thinking about how it functions. It’s quite easy to use just point the remote towards the source of the light and select an option as you do with TV remotes. 

Moreover, you might have to press down repeatedly on the remote control button to filter out the light input percentages.

Besides these things, CR batteries are also used in the remote control., which as thin circular batteries. If you use more of them, replacements are to be done more frequently. 

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App Controlled Dimmer 

To be honest, controlling the dimmer via the app is easier than from a remote control. Moreover, the app-controlled dimmer allows you to set the dimmer percentage as per your preferences but in the case of the remote, you can only click on pre-set levels of brightness.  Well here is also a plus point but the choice is yours. 

Having said that let me tell you that some of the strip light LED brands offer remote control in-line switches as well as downloadable apps. 

If you have lights of the same brand throughout the home. You can be in the ecosystem of the same app and control the light of the whole house through a single app. It sounds more convenient Isn’t it?

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Wall Dimmer Switch

Wall Dimmer switches can be seen in kitchens and homes. You guys might be thinking about its compatibility right? When it comes to compatibility then we usually think of voltage and wattage of light and style of light. Light emitting diode strip lights may be 12 volts or 24 volts. But the wall dimmer switch uses 110 Volt or 120Volt. 

For the wall dimmer switch to be compatible with house current, we have a dimmable hardwire power supply. It is a converter that will convert or make the home current work with12 V LED lights. 

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Are LED Strip Lights Dimmable?

Yes LED strip lights are dimmable. Moreover, most LED manufacturers have LED strip lights that can be easily dimmed. Light can be dimmed from 0% to 100% of the light output. 

Also one can use dimmable LED strip lights in bedrooms, entertainment centers, cove lighting, under cabinet lighting, and kitchens. 

Where To Use Dimmable LED Lights?

Well, you might have probably thought of the areas where to put the dimmable LED lights. But if you are still confused, you can have a look at these options:

  • In-Cabinet
  • Bedrooms
  • Toe Kicks
  • Under Cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Closets 

Can 12V LED Lights Be Dimmed? 

Yes, 12V LED lights can be dimmed. However, some things need to be considered. 

Let’s go from scratch, if you have got 12V LED lights powered with a plug-in power supply then it is most obvious that you have got an in-line controller to dim the lights. 

Most of the time it is a remote control, press, and how’d switch or rotary switch. 

Besides, that other source can be a wall dimmer switch. In this case, as I have mentioned earlier you need to convert 110V or 120V down to a 12V to work with your LED lights. Most LED light manufacturers also provide hardwired power supplies which can convert from higher voltage to your LED compatible voltage.

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What Is The Difference Between 3528 and 5050 LED Strip Lights?

The main difference between 3528 and 5050 LED strip lights is the size of the diode. You could see the LED space evenly throughout providing light, within the roll of the light. 

The thing is all LEDs or chips are not the same, it depends on the manufacturer’s design and style. 

A 3528 LED strip light has a chip that has a width of 2.8mm and a height of 3.5mm.  Likewise, A 5050 LED strip light has a chip that has a width of 5 mm and a height of 5 mm. 

My LED Strip Lights Are Buzzing When Dimming?

If your LED strip lights are buzzing then you might have faced some of the common issues that you have mentioned below. 

Check whether your LED strip lights can be dimmed. Also, make sure that all components used are compatible. 

For polarity and accuracy check all your connection points. As we know positive connections go to positive whereas negative connections go to negative. But the thing is these connections can get reversed when they get cut off and got reconnections. 

Also, check out the wattage on your LED strip light you have as you might be exceeding the wattage light on your plug-in power supply. You might be thinking does that number go over the limit of your power supply? Let’s suppose that you have got 3 watts per foot strip light and got 20 feet of the light. Then you have 60 watts of light. This may strain a 30-watt power supply.

Some of the dimmer switches can handle only a certain amount of wattage, which may be limited. So also check that you are not exceeding the limit.  


Are LED Strip Lights Dimmable?

Ans: Yes LED strip lights are dimmable. Moreover, most LED manufacturers have LED strip lights that can be easily dimmed. Light can be dimmed from 0% to 100% of the light output. 

Where To Use Dimmable LED Lights?

Ans: You can use dimmable LED lights in Bedrooms, In-Cabinet, Toe Kicks, Under Cabinets, Bookshelves, Closets, and so on.

Can 12V LED Lights Be Dimmed? 

Ans: Yes, 12V LED lights can be dimmed.

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