Best Double Sided Tape for an LED Light Strip

Best Double Sided Tape for an LED Light Strip

Is your LED light strip falling repeatedly? Maybe the manufactures adhesive backing is not working. So you can always go for the double sided tape to get a long-lasting LED light strip bond. 

What Is The Best Double Sided Tape For LED Light Strips?

3M VHB tape is the best double-sided tape for an LED light strip on the market. 3M VHB has got a very high bond, as you can use it as an addition to the original adhesive backing on an LED strip light roll. We can see the double sided tape of various lengths and widths and is also easy to cut. 

Besides that, it has thin width which makes us easy to apply to narrow LED light strip sections. It is usually ⅜’’ which is around 10 mm. But besides that, 3M VHB tape also comes in 0.4’’ width. 

But mind that this adhesive tape is a super high strength, it may affect the paint of the walls, wood, and veneers of your space. 

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Standard Light Strip Adhesive Backing 

As per our research, most brands in the market and leading manufacturers of LED light strips claim that they use a version of 3M adhesive backing. 

3M has got various versions based on cost and quality. As we have mentioned earlier most of the widely used adhesive on strip lights is 300LSE. This tape is pretty suitable on prepped surfaces. 

Adhering strip lights is important if you are working on commercial applications or for professional residential. However, for smaller DIY projects you don’t need to give much importance. 

Well for commercial applications standard 300LSE works however you can always use double sided tape for strong bonds.

Note that, a general LED light strip kit has got adhesive backing in it.

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How To Add Double Sided Tape To An LED Light Strip?

If you find that your lights are not adhering properly and want to have an extra adhesive for your lights. Then you can move ahead and buy one for your lights and add it to your light strip. So here is a simple step that needs to be followed to add double sided tape to an LED light strip. 

Find The Right Size

The first step is to find the right size. We need to figure out a double sided tape that cannot be seen behind the actual light strip. Generally, light strips are about 10 millimeters and about 20’ long.

Cut The Doubled Sided Tape

If you go from section to section then this might help you. You can easily cut the double sided tape in 12’’ or 24’’ sections even if you are doing an entire 20’ roll. This helps to adhere to the existing adhesive on the strip light. 

Properly Adhere To The LED Light Strip

After you get your double sided tape sections cut Then peel out the adhesive protector away from the strip light and then adhere the double sided tape to that section. And leave the red 3M VHB tape on so that you can adhere it later to the surface.

Trial Run Before Adhering 

This method works, just to trial run before adhering the LED light strip with double sided tape to a surface. Well, it may help you when you need to make any changes. 

Best Double Sided Tape for an LED Light Strip
Best Double Sided Tape for an LED Light Strip

How To Prepare Your Surface For LED Light Strips?

To be honest, preparing your surface for LED light strips is one of the most important things you should not miss before adhering to lights. As it ensures a strong bond but any kind of dust can impact the adhesion of the lights on the surface. 

  • Adhere your light strip to a dry and clean surface. 
  • You can use a damp cloth to clean the dust from the surface and let it some time to dry it. 
  • You can also use a hair dryer to warm up adhesive if the environment temperature is around 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius. 
  • One can also turn on their LED light to form a heat-generated bond between the light strip and the double sided tape. 
  • Remove the protective film. 
  • Now slowly adhere the strip light to the surface. 

To Conclude 

I would like to suggest you be careful once a strong adhesive is applied to the wall. It’s may damage the painting of your wall, wood, and so on. So make sure to use the trial method before applying it to the surface.


What Is the Best Double Sided Tape for an LED Light Strip?

Ans: 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape is the best double sided tape for an LED Light strip.

Can you use double sided tape for LED strips?

Ans: Yes, you can use double sided tape on LED strip lights.

What is the strongest double sided tape?

Ans: 3M VHB (Very High Bond) tape is the strongest double sided tape.

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