Hanging Solar Lights 

Amazing Way To Add Hanging Solar Lights 

Want to add some hanging solar lights without access to the wall outlet? The ultimate solution is to use solar lights for your outdoor space. Outdoor lighting can make your space feel peaceful. One will love the atmosphere they will get hanging solar lights if they have got sanctuary. 

Where To Add Hanging Solar Lights?

You can add hanging solar lights where ever you want. It can be used for both residential and commercial purposes. One can creatively use hanging solar lights, whether hanging on a backyard patio, balcony, and so on. Some of the common places where one can use hanging lights are:

Outdoor Space

As we all know hanging solar lights can be powered by the sun so it’s quite obvious that one can simply set up in outdoor spaces. Moreover having the feature of solar energy gives us the ability to set them up in multiple places in our homes according to our needs. So make sure to add the hanging solar lights in south facing direction so that you can maximize the utilization of the hanging solar lights. 


Well, you can add hanging light to your fence to give proper structure to your yard. As we know that most of the hanging solar lights will be IP65 waterproof rated or weatherproof. The reason behind it is they need to face various external elements and weather conditions. Though most of them are glass, however, some string lights use plastic bulbs. But if it needs to be placed in extremely hot temperatures usually above 110 degrees. You should keep in mind that it might get dis-form due to heat. Edison bulb string light is one of the best solar lights to add to fences. 

Gazebos and Pergolas

Gazebos or Pergola can be used to get the perfect ambiance in your yard. Moreover, they also provide a certain structure for hanging out the solar light in your space. 

One can place bulbs according to your structure with evenly spaced light bulbs.

Solar lights can be easily mounted with hooks within the light. Likewise one can also mount a clip to a beam for optimum angles as the solar panel itself is separated. 


Porches are places where one can relax in the morning and evening. Hanging light is one of the best ways to enjoy your space besides pendant lights, ceiling fans, or other stuff. 

So, using solar-powered string lights can provide both light and a soft aesthetic. 


Trees can be the perfect place to hang solar lights on. If you are the one who has got a big canopy with larger branches, then you can hang lantern lights on it. 

However, consider that the solar panel is properly placed so that it could get enough sunlight. 


Pathways are the best place to hang solar lights. As the lights have got wireless features one can easily ass the lights in the different areas. Also, the hanging lights in pathways can direct your visitors at night while creating a calm atmosphere.


Last but not least Courtyard is a place where people pass through and can be the perfect place to hang lights. It creates a pleasant environment. But consider keeping solar panels where there is enough sunlight. 

Hanging Solar Lights 
Hanging Solar Lights 

Different Styles of Hanging Solar Lights

One of the most popular options is hanging solar lights, but there are a few more solar lighting styles too. Each and every one has its features and installation process.


Solar Powered String Lights 

Solar Powered String lights are usually considered for outdoor lighting. Solar string lights are portable and can be hung anywhere or at places where there is enough supply of sunlight. 

Here are some benefits of Solar Powered String Lights:-

Additional Length (around 24 feet to 48 feet rolls)

  • Shatterproof bulbs
  • Vintage bistro feels.
  • Coverage of the large areas.
  • Would be a source of light where it is hard to access.
  • No need for a wall outlet. 

Brightech is one of the most used solar strings. 

Brightech Ambience Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights
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Hanging Solar Lanterns 

One can get vintage decorative fixtures in hanging solar lanterns unlike those of solar string lights. Moreover, it has got a classic look and you can easily add it anywhere you want where there is sunlight. 

Solar Lantern Sizes – Lantern comes in various shapes and sizes. Most probably you will find the lantern of size 10’’ high and 5’’ wide. Also, there is a globed-shaped lantern which is quite small in size. 

TomCare is one of the most popular lanterns as of now. 

TomCare Solar Lights
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Solar Lantern Finishes 

Solar lanterns can be found in different finishes just like most light fixtures. Different people have different tastes so make sure to find one that you love. 

Some of the common finishes include:

  • White  
  • Silver
  • Bronze
  • Black  

Solar Lantern Placement

There are multiple places where you can hang solar lanterns. Also, you can use them as a centerpiece on a patio table to enjoy ambient light. Note that you need to place them where there is enough sunlight. 

Here is the list of some places where you can place hanging solar lights :

  • Fence posts.
  • Under a patio umbrella.
  • On a Table
  • Front Porch
  • Tree Branches
  • Shepards hooks along a path.

Hanging Solar Lights for Fences 

Hanging Solar lights can be perfect to add from one fence post to the other one with a bit drop in between each of the posts. But if you have got a ranch-style fence, you can hang the light by wrapping it around a horizontal post. 

How Long Do Solar Lights Last? 

Hanging solar light batteries can last 5-10 hours on a full charge. Besides there are lots of factors determining how long LED lights can last. On the other hand, solar lights are pretty unique as they got powered by sunlight. So direct sunlight will be always best for a full charge, though you can charge it from indirect light. 

The solar panel is rated at a 1000 charge lifespan which can approximately last 2.5 years. 

Besides these, all factors in Summer and Winter can also have a large impact on your charging. In summer working time may be up to 10 hours whereas it may be around 5 hours in winter after a full charge. 

  • Size of the solar panel. 
  • Placement of the light. 
  • Time of year.
  • The wattage of the light fixtures. 
Solar Panel Clip with LED String Lights
Solar Panel Clip with LED String Lights

Solar String Lights Aren’t Working 

Are your Solar String Not Working Properly? Here are the few things that you need to troubleshoot your solar string light issues.

  • First, check whether the bulbs are loose or not. Make sure to connect to the bulb firmly in some of the solar string lights you can disconnect the inner LED. 
  • Second check all connections. 
  • Check the battery. 
  • Last but not least, place the solar string light in a place where there is plenty of sunlight. 

Can You Replace The Battery?

One can’t easily replace the battery in a hanging solar light fixture, as they have lithium rechargeable batteries. They use solar panels to regenerate power instead of replacing a battery. So, you can’t replace the battery. 

IP Waterproof Ratings To Know

IP stands for Ingress Protection and is a rating that is used to determine how the light futures function in different environments. Here are some of the common ratings :

  • IP44
  • IP65
  • IP67
  • IP68

Harness The Power Of The Sun 

Hanging lights can be very difficult if you have to find your way from an outlet to where you are placing the lights. Moreover, you may not even have an outlet accessible. 

Plug-in style lights will be always the best, but the thing is solar-powered lights can be the best alternative to plug-in lights.


Where is the best place to put a solar light?

Ans: The best place to put a solar light is outdoor space, fences, porches, trees, pathways, and so on.

How Long Do Solar Lights Last? 

Ans: Hanging solar light batteries can last 5-10 hours on a full charge. Besides there are lots of factors determining how long LED lights can last.

Can You Replace The Battery?

Ans: One can’t easily replace the battery in a hanging solar light fixture, as they have lithium rechargeable batteries.

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