How Long Do LED Lights Last? - LED Lifetime

How Long Do LED Lights Last? – LED Lifetime

Most of the LED Light fixtures in the market are rated between 30000 to 50000 horse. 

You might be thinking How Long Is 50000 hours right? 

Umm. it’s about 17 years of your LED Lights if used 8 hours a day. 

How Long Do Led Lights Last? To be honest LED lights are quite different than incandescent or fluorescent lamps. LED light slowly fades as per the time, however, another bulb just burns out. 

LED lights are supposed to have useful lights till 30000-50000 hours but after that, it is known as the end of the life. 

Factors That Can Impact The Lifetime of an LED

There are lots of factors that determine How Long Do LED Lights Last. 

  • Overall Usage 
  • Quality of Diodes
  • Installation Aspects 
  • Electrical Stresses

Incandescent VS LED Light Bulb
Incandescent VS LED Light Bulb

The lifetime of an LED VS The Lifetime of an Incandescent Bulb

As per research LED light is 35 to 50 times longer than incandescent. On the other hand, LED lights can last around 10 times longer than fluorescent lights. 

The diode used in LED has got less energy efficient and tends to use about 75% less energy compared to an incandescent bulb. 

The incandescent bulb emits light and heat in all directions whereas LED uses directional light output. 

Good quality LED bulbs can have a life span of around 25000hours or more. By this, we can say that they last 25 times more than traditional light bulbs.  

These types of lights can last more than three years if it is used 24/7. 

Quality LED Brands Make A Difference 

Quality also matters a lot when someone talks about the lifespan of the light. No doubt, some of the LED manufacturers are quite better so that we can have a longer lifespan and color consistency. Some of the better quality LED manufacturers to include Philips Hue, Cree, Nichia, and so on.

These top companies use a process called bin-batching, meaning that LED diodes are binned per the specifications. Bin batching process is beneficial for ultimate diode consistency


Is it OK to have LED lights on all day?

Ans: LED lights can be left on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But at the same time, you need to keep in mind that this may decrease the lifespan of your light.

What causes LED to burn out?

Ans: Some of the common things causing LED to burn out are high voltage, bad contacts, use of incompatible dimmer switches, and so on.

How can I increase my LED life?

Ans: Here are something that you can do to increase LED life: Turn off lights when not used, use motion sensor lights, and so on.

How Long Do LED Lights Last?

Ans: Most of the LED Light fixtures in the market are rated between 30000 to 50000 horse. 

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