Best LED Color Changing Lights

Best LED Color Changing Lights

Willing to get LED color changing lights? Well, you can use color-changing lights for various purposes such as functional, decorative, and so on. 

Want something that is simple to set up? You can try an LED color changing lights bulb that fits right into the existing light sockets. 

Willing To Control Light Via App? Well, go with an RGB smart bulb. 

Can LED Lights Change Color?

Yes, LED lights are able to generate multiple colors with the core colors Red, Green Blue 

(RGB). You might be thinking Can all colors be made? There are a few colors such as pinks or browns which are not able to be produced. 

One can easily change the color of LED lights via wireless remote, or mobile apps, depending on the LED light fixtures. 

Best LED Color Changing Lights

Color Changing LED Strip Lights 

Remote control or app control is one of the best features of the color-changing LED Strip Lights. Having a remote controller makes the user easy to control the light easily via remote like we use a remote to control the TV. Likewise having an app is a plus point as you can control all the settings from your smartphone.  

Some of the common places where you can put strip light:

  • Desks
  • Under Cabinets
  • TVs
  • Bedroom.
  • Kitchens 
  • Bookshelves.

You can use adhesive to adhere or hang the strip light on any surface. One thing that you might love about the strip lights is that you can connect multiple strip light sections. You just need to have pin connectors that can clamp down on both cut sections of the strip light. 

Govee 16.4ft Color Changing LED Strip Lights
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LED Color Changing Wireless Light Bulb With Remote 

Want a simple lighting idea for your bedroom? You can go for a color changing light bulb. These color changing lights can be used in various places such as floor lamps, table lamps, ceiling fans, and so on. 

If you want to have full control over light settings. Then you can go with the color changing light bulb with a remote. Remote will help you to control the lights from a distance. Also, you can filter various colors offered. 

Some of the features of the color changing lights include:

  • Memory stores a favorite setting.
  • Remote Control
  • Easy to set up in your space. 
  • No requirement for a manufacturer app. 
  • Multiple vibrant colors option.
Govee Color Changing Light Bulbs, RGB Light Bulbs with Remote Control
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Color Changing LED Puck Lights (Wireless)

Puck lights are quite versatile in nature as they are wireless or battery-operated. 

One can easily add them to various places in space such as the underside of cabinets, kitchen pantries, bookshelves, pantries, and so on. 

Some of the puck lights come with a remote which simply allows its user to control colors and filter through options. 

Generally, these lights are of small size, easy to install, and quite bright. 

You can simply adhere to the light with double-sided adhesive in a short period of time. 

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Color Changing 6 Pack RGB LED Lights with 2 Remotes
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LED Color Changing String Lights 

Want to make your outdoor patio or balcony unique? You can use LED color-changing string lights, for which you just need to have an outlet.

These lights plug into the standard wall outlet and have gone good coverage which is around 24 to 48 feet of light.  

While selecting lights you can consider something like

  • Long lead cord 
  • UL Listing
  • 120-volt lights 
  • Waterproof rating
  • Wireless remote control.
Enbrighten Vintage Seasons Café Lights, Outdoor String Lights
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Color Changing Lights For Behind TV 

USB-connected strip lights can be the best option for color changing lights behind the TV. You can go with Govee Immersion which is USB Powered strip lights. Also, you can choose the Govee RGB Screen Match strip which is awesome too. 

Govee Envisual TV LED Backlights with Camera
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WiFi Controlled LED Color Changing Light Bulbs 

Wi-Fi-controlled LED color changing light bulbs may be one of the best choices for your personal space. Especially Wi-Fi controller can give easy access to your light system. Moreover, you can easily control all the color settings and light effects in an app. For this category, I would love to recommend Sylvania, which comes with WiFi controlled light system. These lights have a great light output as per our research. 

SYLVANIA Wifi LED Smart Light Bulb
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Choosing A Color Changing Light

Confused How to Choose A Color Changing Light? Considered these things:

  • Where have you planned to set up the lights
  • How would you like to control your light 
  • Case: need some specific functionality like brightness and other stuff

Where have you planned to set up the lights?

With this question, some places might have popped up in your mind. However, it’s always better to know where the light needs to be. 

After selecting a location you should find the best light which can be of great application to that place.


How Do You Want To Control The Light?

This is the foremost important question you need to ask with you whether you want to have a convenient light or go with an economical one which is ok.  Well, I guess you are with me, let’s go with the LED light having downloadable apps. 

Having a downloadable app allows the users to easily control the overall setting of the light. Moreover, you can also control the light via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. 

If you don’t want to app to take up space on your mobile device then you can go with the remote control light. The remote control also allows the user to control lights from a certain distance. Also, it’s easy to use Isn’t It?

Do You Need Your Lights To Have A Specific Function?

Besides having color-changing capabilities, LED bulbs and strip lights have got many features such as dimming control, timer settings, and memory function. 

Find out the feature that you may need to have the maximum use of the light. 

What Color LED Lights Make You Happy?

Wondering why your mood improves on bright days? It is due to the yellow and orange colors which represent happiness warmth and creativity. 

This can be the benefit that one can get using color changing LED lights. For a more detailed study on which color represents which moods go further and have a look at the table below. 

Colors and Moods Chart
Colors and Moods Chart

How Do LED Light Strips Change Colors?

LED are spaced evenly through the roll with a distance of an inch or two. 

How do strip lights change color actually? Umm, One can display a particular color, but applying either a high or low signal to a common cathode or common anode LED. 

You might have heard of RGB  diode which is able to display Red, Green, and Blue colors. By the combination of these colors, other colors are displayed. RGB is also of two types :

  • Common Cathode
  • Common Cathode Anode

How Long Do Color Changing LED Lights Last?

Color changing LED lights last around 25000 to 50000 hours.  Unlike incandescent bulb which burns out, LED light slowly fades out. 

Well, many people use these lights because of having long LED lifetime. Moreover, these lights use a lot less energy and less heat than incandescent lights.

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