How to Choose an LED Diffuser for Light Strips?

How to Choose an LED Diffuser for Light Strips?

The LED diffuser helps protect your light diffuser and uniformly spread light to increase overall illumination. Well, hearing this aren’t you willing to use an LED diffuser? 

The most used light for residential and commercial applications is light strips. But most of the time LED diffuser is overlooked. But the thing is LED diffusers should be considered while going for lighting projects, whether on a small scale or a large scale. In the article below we have covered several aspects so you can go with the best possible LED diffuser. 

Why do You Need An LED Diffuser?

As we have mentioned earlier LED diffuser help to spread the light uniformly throughout the space. Moreover, when it is used with aluminum channel extrusions they can create a finished-looking light fixture. 

  • Help Eliminate Diode Hot Spots.
  • Protects the light fixtures. 
  • Aesthetically Comfortable or pleasing.
  • Create uniform distribution of light. 
  • Less diode reflection. 
  • Convenient to clean.

Do LED Lights Need A Diffuser?

To be honest LED Lights need not have a diffuser. However one must see the pros of using a diffuser before finalizing their decision. LED diffusers can be ideal for residential applications. In case when Light strip has got diodes which seems good., so you can use an LED diffuser cover cap with an aluminum channel. 

DO LED diffuser sucks you? No problem instead of using an LED diffuser, you can go with silicone-coated or water-resistant LED light strips. Though it is not much much effective as the diffuser cover, water-resistant light can help protect and disperse the light evenly. 

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Using COP (Chip On Board) LED Light Strips

Chip on Board LED light strips have recently emerged and are a game-changing technology. As per our research, they include more LED chips in smaller spaces. Similar to traditional light strips, they allow the distribution of light uniformly without diode hot spots. 

So one can get an even distribution of light throughout the strip roll, unlike individually spaced chips. 

Using COB light strips can completely eliminate the use of a diffuser lens cover, though diffusers can be of some help/use. 

You can go with Pautix – COB LED Strip Light Kit which has got a power supply, an on/off switch, and several other features. 

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LED Diffuser Covers

You can find several styles while looking into LED diffuser covers. The covers can be fit for several LED Lights such as puck, strips, and linear light fixtures. 

LED Diffuser Covers
LED Diffuser Covers

Clear LED Diffuser

A clear cover lens protects the LED light strips without reducing the overall light output. Moreover, it also provides a finished look to any type of custom fixture. 

However, you probably won’t use a clear cover lens if you are willing to diffuse your LED light fixtures. 

Frosted LED Diffuser 

The Frosted LED diffusers eliminated the harshness of light glare and spread the light more evenly. Besides that, you would see some of the diode hot spots coming via the diffuser when it is on. 

Milk Or Opal LED Diffuser 

A Milk Or Opal Diffuser cover allows uniform light output eliminating hot spots and reflection on highly reflective surfaces. 

Moreover for kitchen cabinetry, and residential purposes, a milk LED diffuser cover may be a perfect choice. As it provides an even distribution of light. 

DIY LED Diffuser Ideas 

Want to Know about the alternatives? 

Banking Paper 

Baking paper/ Parchment paper looks like a plastic lens cover cap. This may be also suitable for custom projects. Likewise, they also limit a lot of light output. 

However, it has got a nice look and heat-resistant surface which are quite good for the lighting project. 

Thin Plexiglass or Acrylic 

A sheet of clear plexiglass or acrylic may be roughed up with standard sandpaper and then cut to size. You can go with the DIY option which is more suitable for specific projects or larger projects. 

In case you find frosted acrylic sheets which offer a diffused look that’s needed, which can be easily cut to size as per user need. 

Aluminum Extrusion Channels

Aluminum extrusion channels allow an individual to build a custom fixture. Extrusions are suitable for custom look however, you can go with standard length LED light fixtures.

Different channel profiles come with various benefits. 

Types Of Aluminum Channel Extrusions 

  • Square
  • Recessed
  • Round
  • Angled
  • Flush.
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LED Diffuser Lengths 

The mostly used Light strip diffuser is 72’’ or 1.83 meters. However, it can be cut down to make a custom light fixture as per users’ needs. 

Besides this, we can also see 72’’ and 96’’ lengths of aluminum channels. 

How To Install An LED Diffuser?

An LED diffuser can be snapped into an aluminum extrusion, which houses the light strip. Moreover, the manufacturer also suggests using an LED diffuser cover lens with an extrusions channel from the same manufacturer. As it will be more convenient for the user plus will ensure compatibility. 

Also if you are using an LED diffuser cover then it’s important to use it with a compatible aluminum extrusion housing.

Cutting the Aluminum Extrusion Channel 

One can easily cut aluminum extrusions with the help of a miter saw or hand saw. However, if you want to clean-cut the extrusions, you can use blue painter’s tape around the cut area.

Also make sure to use blades made up of non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, as they are good for soft metals.

Choosing A Diffuser Lens And Cover Cap

You can use a frosted-style diffuser to soften the glow or harshness of the LED lights. Harshness will be less noticeable, though you can see the hot spots. 

You can go with a milk diffuser to reduce hot spots. This will help you to get a consistent output of light. 

Last but not least, you can use a clear diffuser to protect LEDs from damage. 

LED Diffuser Comparison
LED Diffuser Comparison

Mounting The Channel 

There are some ways to mount an aluminum extrusion channel. Depending on your preference or application you can use it:

  • U-Clips
  • Recessed
  • Screws
  • Magnets.

Time To Conclude 

LED diffusers may be the most suitable way to put the final touches on lighting in your space. Diffuser cover caps from clear to milk help to eliminate all the annoying hot spots, we are seen in the LED fixtures. 

Besides this, the best thing about LED lighting is that various styles and combinations we can set up as per our preference for a certain outcome. 

Have A Good Day Cheers!!!

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