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LED Light Colors – Ultimate Guide 

To be honest, choosing the right LED light colors are pretty tough. As it is one of the most important factors when selecting lighting fixtures. Also, it would make a big impact on how successful your DIY project would become. So it is always good to have an understanding of LED Light colors, meaning ad several things. 

Understanding LED Light Colors

Well, each and every space need different and unique lighting whether it be residential lighting, commercial lighting, outdoor patio lighting, and other types of display lighting. 

For this, we use a measurement system that is quite popular as the Kelvin scale. 

Most probably, in search of light, you might have heard 3000K, 4000K, or 5000K which is used to refer to lighting. 

Basically Kelvin scale range from 1000 Kelvin to 10000 Kelvin. The lower number on the Kelvin scale appears reddish or warmer whereas the higher number on the Kelvin scale appears to be a more blueish or cooler light color.  You can see in the chart below:

Color Temperature Chart
Color Temperature Chart

Besides that when it comes to the color of the LED light in the residential lighting, we are discussing two things. They are white lights and RGB (red, green, blue) lights.

White LED Light Colors 

We can get white color from orange to yellow to blue while being in the Kelvin scale, as we can see the color profession in it. Some of the commonly used names and kelvin scale numbers are given below:

  • 2700K to 3000K – Warm White 
  • 3000K to 3500K – Soft White.Warm White 
  • 4000K to 5000K – Cool White 
  • 5500K to 6500K – Daylight 

As per our research, most of the stores’ color temperatures are between 2700K to 6500K when it comes to residential and commercial lighting. However, for residential light 2700K to 4500K is the most popular one. 

It is always important to know the difference in color so that we can know how light alters while LEDlights colors alter as per the object placed and how it is perceived by our human eyes. 

RGB LED Light Colors

Color-changing RGB LED lights have got 16 million color variations but it is not commonly used as traditional white LED light color. 

The core color includes Red, Green, Blue, and other colors that are formed by the combination of these three colors. RGB lights use their given color name. 

LED Light Colors RGB
LED Light Colors RGB

What Do The Different  Colors of LED Light Mean? 

As we know that different light colors convey different moods as the color of lights trigger specific emotion in our senses. AI I mentioned color plays an important role in human emotions in responses. The soft white or cool white color simply changes the emotion of the people.

White LED Light Color Moods

  • Cozy, Inviting, Calming, Warmth  – Soft White Light Color
  • Neat, Fresh, Clean, Vibrant – Cool White Light Color
  • Focus, Alertness, Sterile – Daylight Light Color

RGB LED Light Color Moods 

  • Orange LED Light Color: Confidence, Innovation, Cheerful, Success, Vibrance, Health.
  • Green LED light Color: Growth, Safety, Freshness, Natural, Peaceful, Money, Healing, Quality.
  • Purple LED Light Color: Luxury, Success, Royalty, Imaginative, Wisdom, Fashion, Ambition, Creative.
  • Yellow LED Light Color: Warmth, Stimulus, Creativity, Happiness, Friendly, Caution, Energy.
  • Red LED Light Color:  Strength, Passion, Urgency, Stimulating, Love, Energy, Anger, Danger, Excitement. 
  • Blue LED Light Color: Stable, Harmony, Loyalty, Dependable, Stable Smart, Peace, Integrity. 
Colors and Moods Chart
Colors and Moods Chart

Where To Use Warm, Cool, And Daylight LED Colors?

Well, we can see warm orange light color in the bedroom and blue=-ish sterile light color when visiting your dentist for cleaning either.  No doubt certain color works are better than others in a specific environment. So here are some of the things you need to know regarding the use of color temperature in your space. 

Where To Use Soft And Warm White LED Light Color?

Where To Use Soft And Warm White LED Light Color
Where To Use Soft And Warm White LED Light Color

Soft white and warm white LED light colors to range from 2700K to 3500K, which might give an intimate and calming feeling. In most cases, they are used in bedroom lighting colors, residential applications, and hospitality areas to give us a calm feeling. 

LED color temperatures are more orange and yellow may be got fit for the rising sun. 

2700K to 3500K lights are good for:-

  • Residential Outdoor
  • Hospitality
  • Spaces with Earthy Tones
  • Residential (Traditional kitchen, bathroom, closet, bedroom)
  • Restaurants 
  • Reception Areas 

Where To Use Cool White LED Light Color?

Where To Use Cool White LED Light Color?
Where To Use Cool White LED Light Color?

Cool white LED light color ranges from 4000K to 5000K. Cool white is the most widely used LED light color, which gives a brighter feeling with a clean sense. 4000K to 5000K fits in kitchen lighting, some office and retail spaces, and bathrooms. 

If you have got white space then you have to have white light, If you have got a white cabinet when warm white is used then you will get a pink hue. 

Cool white can be used in various places:

  • Garage
  • Retail
  • Hospital
  • Residential 
  • Office Space
  • Educational

Where To Use Daylight LED Light Color?

Cool White Commercial
Cool White Commercial

Daylight LED Light Color ranges from 5500K to 6500K which is mostly used in display cases, industrial or commercial areas, medical rooms, and so on. Moreover, these lights are used to create an alertness or focus environment, so you can place the light accordingly. 

Some of the common places where Daylight can be used are:

  • Medical
  • Museums
  • Jewelry  Displays 
  • Retail Displays 
  • Gyms
  • Office Spaces

Where To Use RGB Color Changing LED Lights?

You can go with an RGB color-changing LED light if you want a pop of color in your space. Some of the common places where it can be used are :

  • Restaurants/Bars
  • Behind TV/Monitors
  • Kitchens
  • Signage
  • Bedroom
  • Outdoor Areas
  • Cars

How do Surroundings And Situations Impact LED Light Color?

Soft white Vs daylight
Soft white Vs daylight Img Credit: Lighting Access

As we know that color temperature alters how a space is perceived when it is lit up. So it’s important for you to know how surroundings and situations impact LED Light color. So always ask what is the use of space in which you are going to set up lighting. Who will be in the space and so on? So that you can place the best possible light for your space. 

Here I have presented the comparison between two lights you can see it clearly. And decide with which light you would like to go. 

Make sure to choose the light based on its application of it in that environment. 

Time To Conclude 

Well, here within this article we have covered all the things you need to know while setting up lighting in your space. But at last, it’s all up to you which color temperature light you want to go with. 

But remember if you use the fixture of the same brand it would be quite convenient for you. 

Have A Good Day Cheers!!!

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