LED Light Strip Width

What Is The Width Size Of An LED Light Strip?- LED Light Strip Width

LED Light Strip Width- Light Emitting Diodes are one of the most sustainable forms of light and one of the energy-efficient lights. LED strip lights can be used for both commercials as well as residential purposes, such as creating mood lighting, accenting furniture, and so on. 

As per our knowledge LED strips to come in various widths, lengths, and so on. 

What Is The Width Size Of An LED Light Strip?-LED Light Strip Width

As per our research, the LED light strip is ⅜ inches equal to 10mm in width. But the thing is, depending on the manufacturer widths can vary from 5/16’’ (8mm) to ½’’(12mm) sizes. 

Note that: Lighting Access

  • 5/16’’=8mm
  • ⅜’’=10mm
  • Just short of ½’’=12mm

Why Is The Width Important?

During the installation process, knowing the width of an LED light strip is important. If you are using an aluminum extrusion to sit your light strip in. Moreover, it is essential to know the width while adding it to the edge along a desk or inside the cabinet. But if you are seeing light up on a straight surface then knowing the width is not an important thing. 

LED Light Strip Width
LED Light Strip Width

Widths Of Popular Light Strip Brands 

Knowing the LED light strip brands with different widths is important. Some of the common names to know about are as follows:-

  • HitLights light strip width = 10mm (⅜’’)
  • Hafele Loox light strip width = 10mm (⅜’’)
  • Philips Hue light strips = 14mm (0.57’’)
  • Govee light strip width = 10mm (⅜’’)
  • Tresco Lighting light strip = 10mm (⅜’’)
  • Feit Electric light strip width = 10mm (⅜’’)
  • Daybetter light strips = 10mm (⅜’’)
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What Is The Width Sie Of SMD 5050 LED Strip Lights?

As per our research, 5050, or 5mm *5mm, will generally fall under the standard ⅜’’ which is 10mm in width. But some of the brands or manufacturers use a wider strip of 12 mm (½’’) strip. Moreover, the deeper and wider light strips can help generate less from the larger 5050 chips. 

A lot of brand uses, 5050 light strips are a larger chip compared to a 3528, or 3.55mm * 2.8mm, they still tend to fall under the ⅜’’ width light strip commonly used by many brands.

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How wide are LED light strips?

Ans: LED strip light usually is half an inch (10-12mm) in width and up to 16 feet or more in length.

Are all LED light strips the same width?

Ans: Most of the LED strip lights produced by manufacturers are 10mm wide But the thing is the widths are differently produced by various manufacturers.