How Long Do LED Light Strips Last?

How Long Do LED Light Strips Last?

Are you willing to know how long Do LED light strips last? Probably you are facing the problem of fading of light strips or want to know about LED Light Strips before making a purchase. 

Generally, LED Light strips can last between 20000 hours and 50000 hours (50k hours equals 17 years of light output for 8 hours a day). The longevity depends on the product used, installation, and manufacturing of the diodes. 

How Long Do LED Strip Lights Usually Last?

Want to know straight forward answer? One can get at least several years of useful life out of a quality LED light strip. To be honest, LED lights slowly fade over time unlikely those of traditional incandescent lights. By this, we can say that LED lights can be said to have useful life which refers to the no of hours until the LED comes to an about 70% of its light output and the end of life which is too dim light. So now lets us discuss various topics on LED Light Strips.

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Do LED Light Strips Burn Out?

LED lights don’t burn out, unlike incandescent lights. Generally LED light strips fade over time One can notice that the strip fade over the period. But the thing is we cannot see the fading strips of light with our naked eyes. 

Now, you might be willing to know How To Preserve Your LED Light Strip Life? Are U?

How To Preserve Your LED Light Strip Life?

Well, there is no proper process to increase or preserve the life of the LED Light. However, you can spend quality time in research to find the quality item and install the item. Besides that, you can apply several things that may help in improving the life of LED Light Strip’s:-

Don’t Leave Them While Moving Out

Generally, we tend to forget to turn off lights while going somewhere or moving out of the room. This may lead to a decrease in the lifespan of the LED Lights. So make sure to turn off the lights while you are moving out of the room. 

Focus On The Installation Process

The installation process is also vital when it comes to the longevity of LED light strips. Any bending while the installation process may impact directly or indirectly the diode and circuit. Besides, either extending or cutting the light strip can lead to a drop in voltage and can impact the quality of your light strips. 

Look for Safety Listings

Before buying LED light strips you must make sure that you are buying LED light strips with safety listings like UL or ETL. This means the LED light has been tested and meets the criteria.

Check Price

Average Life Of Top Light Strip Brands 

Willing to know which has the longest LED light strips? So we have listed some of the popular brands along with their average life span. They are:-

  • Tresco Lighting – 25,000 – 50,000 Hours
  • Hera Lighting – 50,000 Hours
  • Feit Electric Smart Wifi – 15,000 Hours
  • Wyze Lighting – 25,000 Hours
  • HitLights – 25,000 Hours
  • Philips Hue – Up to 25,000 Hours
  • Govee – 50000  Hours
  • Hafele Lighting – L80/B10 50,000 Hours (Single Color 20,000 Hours)

So these are the top light strip bands with their average life span as of August 2022. However, it changes from time to time as the manufacturer keeps on adjusting their product and their life span.  A simple change in the manufacturing process may also have a greater impact on the lifespan of the light. So it would be better if you make sure the lifespan of the products with their respective brands either by contacting their customer care by asking their actual specification or you can check it on their official website. 

Below we have addressed the common question that the LED strips buyer usually have:- 

Do LED Strip Lights Stop Working?

Ans: Usually, the lifespan of an LED strip is around 15000 hours and above it. So until and unless you have used the same strip for several years it is like less to stop its work.

Why Do LED Strips Burn Out? 

Ans: Generally, when low-quality LEDs are exposed to high temperatures, they might break. Besides that, they could lose brightness or can also change their color. 

Do LED Strips Lights need to be plugged in?

Ans: Yes, LED strip lights do need to be plugged in.

Can LED lights burn out?

Ans: Yes, LED light can burn out if it is of low quality and is exposed to high temperatures.

Is it OK to leave LED lights on all night?

Ans: It’s completely ok to leave LED lights on all night, but note that it may severe impact on the lifespan of the light’s battery.

How do you make LED light strips last longer?

Ans: Well you can focus on several this to make LED light strips last longer, not leave them on while moving out, look for safety listings, and so on.

How Long Do LED light Strips Last?

Ans: LED light strips battery last between 20,000 hours and 50,000 hours. However, it depends on several other aspects.

With this all information I hope that you guys got the accurate information about the product you want to buy. Any Issue? If Yes you can comment below or directly contact us via our email (On Contact Us Page). 

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