Choosing An LED Strip Light Kit For Under Cabinet 

Choosing An LED Strip Light Kit For Under Cabinet 

Choosing An LED Strip Light Kit For Under Cabinet – There are several ways to include LED lighting in your home, especially under cabinets. Moreover, it can be overwhelming to choose lights as you have multiple options. So here we have discussed Choosing An LED Strip Light Kit For Under Cabinet. Without wasting time let’s start.

Choosing An LED Strip Light Power Supply – LED Strip Light Kit

First of let’s discuss whether we should go with Plug-in Power Supply Adapter or Hardwired Power Supply. 

Using A Plug-In Power Supply Adapter 

A Plug-In Power supply adapter may be one of the easiest ways to retrofit LED strip lights within the cabinet. As we know that most kitchens have an outlet near the garbage disposal area or in the microwave cabinet. So one can easily use these power sources to plug in an LED power supply. 

HitLights 12V 8A Power Supply Adapter
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Use A Hardwire Power Supply

You need to use a hardwired power supply that can convert 120 volts to 12or 24 volts if you want to use existing power from the house.

Hardwire power supplies have certain wattage limits, similar to plug-in power supplies. Also, keep in mind that your LED lights should not exceed the limit of the power supply. 

Wall Dimmer Switch LED strip lights
Wall Dimmer Switch LED strip lights

Choosing An LED Strip Light Controller

Here is the question for you How are you gonna turn the light on and off? Have the answer well good enough. But still confused? Let’s discuss. 

Using A Sensor, Remote, Or Tough Dimmers

Here is where you need to decide how you will love to turn the LED strip lights on and off as well as dim. You can go with sensor light or remote lights as well. 

32.8ft LED Strip Lights
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Using A Wall Switch 

Using a wall switch is one of the most common ways, however, it needs some electrical work to be done. If you don’t want to deal with it just go with a plug-in power supply instead.

You can go with Lutron- Diva LED with Dimmer for dimmable LEDs. 

It has got 150 watts of dimmable LEDs or up to 600 watts of Incandescent or Halogen bulbs.  

Lutron Diva LED+ Dimmer for Dimmable LED
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Choosing An LED Strip Light Color Temperature 

Well, you can take the reference of 3000K Vs 4000K article to know the differences between various colors. But at last, it’s always your choice to select the light. 

Soft White LED Strip Lights 

Soft White LED lights range from 2700K to 3000K on the Kelvin scale. These types of lights are suitable for a softer white color, wood cabinetry, or any traditional kitchen. 

Cool White LED Strip Lights 

Cool White can range between 4000K to 5500K. These kinds of lights can be suitable for white cabinetry. 

RGB LED Strip Lights 

Well RGB LED strip lights can light up your outdoor kitchen, even core lighting, as you can light multiple color lighting. Using RGB color-changing lights can be quite entertaining Besides that these lights can add warm and cool white using the app-controlled system. 

Choosing The Length Of LED Strip Light 

The first step is to measure the under-cabinet area, after measuring it, then only determine the length of the LED strip lights you want. Also, you may need to cut in some cases to determine the overall length. 

Using A 16.4 ft. Roll

16.1 roll is the most common manufactured length which can be easily cut and configured into sections. Moreover, 16.4 feet roll can be sufficient for any average project. Also, make sure to check compatibility and pair of connectors if you want to connect multiple sections. 

HitLights Warm White LED Strip Lights 3000K
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Using A 32.8 ft Roll

Several brands in the market sell promote their strip lights as 32.8 feet. However, the thing is they simply offer two 16.4-foot roll which needs to be connected. 

So you also need to pick up some connectors and jumper cords to connect those strip lights. Also make sure to use a plug-in adapter that can handle that much light, as you are using 32.8 feet roll. 

Using Pre-Cut LED Strips 

You can go with pre-cut LED strip light sections as it may be more convenient than full-length LED strips. These pre-cut LED strips ca work best when you have got smaller cabinet space or a gallery kitchen. 

WOBANE Under Cabinet LED Lighting kit
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Choosing Strip Light Connectors and Jumper Cords

Generally, we tend to forget about the connectors. Isn’t it? Moreover, most of the brands don’t tell you the exact steep how to connect them. 

Using Correct Pin Connectors 

Connector pins are quite convenient and the easiest way to connect two sections of strip lights. Connectors can be a small pieces of plastic or 6’’ in length. You can easily put the connector between two cut sections of the strip light. 

HitLights LED Strip
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Polarity Within LED Strip Lights 

Polarity may also sometimes cause light to not work properly. Connect cords need to be lined up correctly so that proper voltage gets transferred. Sometimes connector flips may emerge as the issue, you just need to flip the connectors to fix it. 

Also, make sure that the positive symbol is aligned to the positive line (+) or the negative symbol line with the negative line.

Time To Conclude- LED Strip Light Kit

You can start a small DIY project with LED Strip Light Kit now if you have access to a power outlet. Keep in mind to have the component of the same brands for the project so that it would be convenient for you as well. 

Have A Good Day Cheers!!!

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