Best Multi Color LED Light Strip

Best Multi Color LED Light Strip

Want LED strip lights that display multiple colors on the same roll? Multi Color LED Light strips can be the best choice for you. Moreover, Govee H61251 RGBIC strip lights may be perfect for you. 

Though Govee is not the only brand on the market, you can see several brands like Tresco, Govee, Daybeeter, and Feit. So let’s discuss everything about the multi color LED light strip in the article. 

Govee LED Strip Lights RGBIC
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What Is Multi-Color?

It is quite easy to find LED strip lights with multiple colors. But what about the product which provides multiple colors?

So with LED strip lights, one can see standard RGB which is Red, Green, and Blue, and another option which is RGBIC. Willing to know the difference between RGB and RGBIC? Let’s discuss:

Using RBGIC Strip Lights 

EGb displays only single color throughout the entire roll of the LED strip lights whereas RGBIC displays multiple colors at a time. Based on research, both RGB and RGBIC create 16 million color variations. However, RGB can only display one color at a time. RGBIC can display 15 segments of light on a 16.4-foot strip, with an Independent Control chip. 


Best Multi Color LED Light Strip

Govee RGBIC Dreamcolor Lights is one of the best multi-color LED strip lights on the market. These types of lights can be easily found on online marketplace like Amazon. 

 Govee RGBIC provides all components in a small box like LED strip lights with the controller, mounting clips, power supply, and instruction card. Willing to know the advantage and disadvantages of multi color LED light strips. 

Govee LED Strip Lights RGBIC
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  • Timers
  • Brightness control
  • Easy to set up App
  • Have complete control over control.
  • Pre-Set Moods
  • Music Sync (including built-in mic on an inline controller).
  • Inline Controller (Consist modes, brightness, on/off setting).
  • Strong 3M 300LSE adhesive backing. 


  • Can’t be used with USB, which is 5 volts and lights are 12 volts. 
  • A small roll of 16.5 feet is not suitable for large areas.
  • The strong adhesive backing can peel your walls’ paint off. 
  • Cannot cut the RGBIC strip lights. 
  • Has got short 1.5 meters adaptor cord. 
  • For the best light display, you need to have a mic close to the music source. 
  • Not suitable for outdoor space. 

How To Use The Govee App With RGBIC?

The app which Govee provides to its users is named Govee Home. You can easily find the app on the App store and it’s free to use, you don’t have to pay for using the app.

Once you download it to your device you have to sync up the lights. For that, you need to recall the model number and sync up. Also, you can rename the lights whatever you like. For example Desk RGB, TV lights, Bedroom and so on.  

Besides this one of the best things about this app is you don’t have to sign up in the app. Moreover, another thing is that you can control overall lights from the app and create an ecosystem. 

Some of the few features that you can find in the Govee App:-

  • Modes – One can see several options like Music, Scene, and Color
  • Brightness – You can easily can the brightness just by sliding from 1-100%.
  • Gove Light Studio – There are pre-made selections and several color galleries. 
  • DIY – You can create your configurations.
  • Timers – One can easily set up to 2 timers. 


One can click one of the 15 sections to alter its color. Also, the app has got interactive segmented strip light. Moreover, you can also choose your color using a slider from a pre-made selection. 


Music Sync With RGBIC 

You can see strip lights with an Inline controller, which has got a tiny pinhole microphone. You can see the lights react with just a single click. 

One can see the difference when you test the mic a few feet away from the music source and a few inches. For optimum light display, you can get the inline controller mic close to the music source. 

Last Words

Adding a multi-color LED strip light is a great way to make your space unique. Moreover, with the apps, we can easily control everything with just a single click on our mobile device. 

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