Ultimate Guide To Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Ultimate Guide To Outdoor LED Strip Lights

Outdoor LED strip lights may be the perfect solution for you if you are looking to restrain on something. In this simple guide, we gonna be telling you everything you need to know about the Outdoor LED strip Lights. 

Stick with us, we gonna be covering from the scratch and will guide you through properly installing the light both safely and effectively. So let’s start with the difference between standard strip lights and outdoor strip lights. 

Difference Between Standard Strip Lights and Outdoor Strip Lights 

To be honest, there is not much difference between standard strip lights and outdoor strip lights in central. Though both of them can be used both indoors and outdoors, the main difference is the surface of the light strip. Outdoor LED light strips have got silicone coatings and Ingree Protection ratings apart from standard LED light strips. 

Difference Between Standard Strip Lights and Outdoor Strip Lights 
Difference Between Standard Strip Lights and Outdoor Strip Lights 

So let’s discuss briefly both Outdoor LED Strip Lights and Standard LED Strip Lights. 

Outdoor LED Strip Lights 

Outdoor LED Strip Lights are generally coated with a silicone casing providing them a waterproof label. However, they act the same as standard LED strip lights. 

  • Things that you should keep in mind about the Outdoor LED strip lights:-
  • They are better for long applications with limited corners.
  • One may need to use clips to hang.

Make sure to safeguard connection points as it is not waterproof. If you want a simple waterproof LED light kit setup, you can go for the Govee Phantasy lights. Govee comes with a large roll of LED light, app control as well as a remote control. 

Govee Outdoor LED Strip Lights
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Standard LED Strip Lights 

Standard LED strip lights are used in non-outdoor applications, in general. Standard LED Strip lights differ from outdoor LED strip lights as it does have LEDs and a circuit board, which are exposed (which means does not have any casing). On the other hand, outdoor LED strip lights have got inside silicone tubing. 

These types of lights are better for:-

  • Has got the hardwiring capability.
  • More color-changing options.
  • Better grip on surfaces 
  • Making cute despite ninety-degree corners. 

Traditional LED strip lights were used for both commercial as well as residential purposes. For eg use in shelving, display, etc. 

Are LED Strip Lights Water Resistant?

Most of the LED strips are water-resistant. However, some of them are not waterproof. You can look for two types of rating namely IP65 and IP68. 

Basically. These ratings signify Ingress Protection from solids and water. 

One can use IP65 in the area where there are regular dust and splash of water but not in the area which is going to be fully submerged. On the other hand, an IP68 rating can be used where the lights will be fully emerged in water.  

Still Not Clear? Have a look at the brief description regarding IP65 and IP68 light strips. 

IP65 Rated LED Light Strips – Water Resistant 

The lights which are rated IP65 is perfect for both indoor and outdoor purpose. This water-resistant light strip is not fully protected so it can’t be used in fully sum]bmerged areas. However, they can withhold plashes of water easily. One can use this type of light in gazebos, Signage, hardscape, patios, and so on. 

But if you are in search of LED strip light that can be fully submerged then go got IP68-rated lights. 

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IP68 Rated LED Light Strips – Water Proof 

If you gonna be getting an IP68-rated light your light gonna be protected from both dust and water. One can use this type of light in ponds, water fountains, and these areas where lights may get completely submerged in water. 

Generally LED light strips that are IP68 rated don’t have peel and stick adhesive backing. Hence you need to get supplement transparent silicone adhesive to adhere to light strips. 

Permatex 85913 Clear RTV Silicone Adhesive
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Silicone-Filled Outdoor LED Light Strips

Don’t like the make your light strips look yellowish? You can use a silicone-filled waterproof LED light strip.

Well, you can find both IP65 and IP68-rated light strips with the silicone-filled version. You might be thinking What’s The Use of Silicone right? So, listen the silicone-filled version will provide extensive UV protection instead of yellowing epoxy. Hence you might use this for outdoor applications, where there is exposure to water regularly. 

So, here comes a question in your mind about where to use outdoor LED strip lights. 

Where To Use Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

Some of the common places where you could use outdoor LED strip lights are:-

  • Signage
  • Hospitality
  • Gardens
  • Fences
  • Under Stairs
  • Pool Areas
  • Patios
  • Christmas Decorations
  • Cabinets
  • Gazebos

Note that, the length of the light strip may be limited based on your preference. In some cases, the manufacturer doesn’t have a way for you to connect multiple rolls to make a longer run. 

Outdoor LED Strip Lights To Use For Christmas 

Water-resistant outdoor light strips may be suitable for Holidays decorations. If you want to glow up your garden, patio for Christmas, or any other celebration then water lighting LED strip lights may be best for you. 

Here are some reasons why they are so great to use in holiday decoration:-

  • Easy For installation
  • Best for temporary lighting.
  • Color Variations.
  • Controllable via times.
  • Could be programmed according to music.

For this also I would like to recommend you Govee Phantasy – Outdoor LED strip lights. 

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How To Install Outdoor LED Strip Lights?

You can go through the checklist and be clear on how to install it easily:-

  • The first step is the measure your space to get the right length of the LED light strip
  • Second, one can use a water-resistant outlet with a cover. 
  • Time to check whether the LED light strips are working or not supplying proper power. 
  • Make sure to clean dust from the section where the light will be ascended. 
  • Add adhesive-backed light strips 
  • One can use silicone sealer for any cut connection points. 

Mounting LED Light Strips 

Some of the outdoor light strips use a traditional peel and stick to adhere/hang to a surface. 

However, some other versions might need additional silicone adhesive mounting clips. 

Are Outdoor LED Strip Lights Cuttable? 

The answer in one word is YES. But the thing is once you cut your outdoor LED light strips, the connection is no longer waterproof and needs to be properly sealed. So it is good not to cut outdoor LED strip lights. For cross-checking, you can check the manufacturers’ specifications and what they recommend. 

As most of the outdoor light strips are not cuttable, make sure to get a longer run. 

Waterproof Connections

Outdoor lighting needs to be weatherproof as it needs to be exposed to various elements. In case you need to cut your LED light strips, you have to find an alternative way to find a proper waterproof connector to use. 

LED Light
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Are Outdoor LED Strip Lights Permanent?

For this, we don’t have the exact answer as it depends on how well the surface is prepped and what you are adhering the light strip to. So, you must pay attention to the installation process so that you can make them as permanent as you need. If you need a strong adhesive you can go for 3M adhesive backing, which is used on the LED strips. However, it may tear wood or paint at the time of plucking it out. 

But there is a solution, you can go for a less permanent installation using aluminum evenly spaced clips. 

For the short term, we can use mounting clips however they will be difficult to remove later on as they have traditional peel and stick adhesive backing. 

Color Changing Outdoor LED Strip Lights 

Similar to the standard light strips, outdoor LED light strips can change their color too. The outdoor area may be the best place to add several colorful lights and LED light strips may be ideal for that. Note that one can create about 16 million different colors in lights. 

RGB Remote Controls 

Most of the LED light strips come with an RF remote control, from which one can change colors and other features. From this feature, one can easily switch several RGB colors such as green, purple, blue, red, and white, by simply clicking the button.


RGB Smart Phone App

One can easily control the color of light by simply downloading a mobile app. One can get a visual of the outdoor light on their phone and can change the setting or color texture with just a single click.

Govee Outdoor LED Strip Lights
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Using a Remote to Control Outdoor LED Strip Lights 

Using a remote control to have control over your outdoor LED strip lights can be one of the best ways to utilize the features of the light you have got. Moreover, remote access can be more beneficial as outdoor areas are often hard to reach areas. 

Important Remote Control Features You Need To Know 

Though control feature depends on the brand and various other aspects. However, some of the common aspects that a LED light strip remote control has are:-

  • Timer settings
  • Brightness Control
  • Quite a Large handheld size
  • Color button choices
Remote Control Features
Remote Control Features

Where To Buy Outdoor Waterproof LED Light Strips?

One can easily buy outdoor waterproof LED light strips from online retailers like Amazon, or Walmart or by directly contacting the brand themselves. General waterproof LED light ranges between $50 to $150. 

Outdoor LED Light Strip Brand Name 

There are some brands that manufacture outdoor-friendly LED light strips. They may vary in features from brand to brand and product to product. Make sure to look for IP65 water resistant rating or IP68 eater proof rating before buying it. 

Some of the common brands include:-

  • Govee
  • Novostella
  • DayBetter


Outdoor LED light strips are the best and quick way to add light to your outdoor space. Whether the light is used for a functional purpose or for creating a fun atmosphere, LED strips can be taken as both the light (i.e. permanent and temporary). 

Last but not least make sure to keep IP Rating in mind before choosing outdoor LED light strips. IP Rating and Ingress Protection of IP68 are best for water-proof applications whereas IP65 is for water-resistant applications. 

Regardless of the outdoor LED light strip products can help illuminate a longer distance. 

So enjoy your outdoor areas with proper lighting Cheers!!!


Are LED strip lights suitable for outdoor use?

Ans: Some of the LED strip lights with waterproof or water-resistant capacity are suitable for outdoor use.

What’s the best LED lights for outside?

Ans: Some of the best LED lights for the outside may be Govee, Novostella, and DayBetter brands that are available in the market.

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