Best Pantry Lighting 

Best Pantry Lighting 

A pantry, a small room or maybe a cupboard where food and cutlery are kept,  is a place which we access every day. So it’s quite important to add proper lighting to your pantry. 

Moreover, there are some pantry lights that need no skills or knowledge of a professional. 

Personally, I would recommend Mr, Beams MB990 Battery powered light. As it is a more suitable feature for pantry lights. Also, you can get go through the article and see the best pantry lights that you can go with. 

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What Is The Best Pantry Light?

Some of the lights that work best in pantries are LED light strips, wireless or battery-operated lights, ceiling lights, and automatic door switch lights.


Motion Sensor Lights 

For a walk-in-style pantry, a motion sensor ceiling light could be the best option. These lights have got high coverage. As I mentioned earlier, Mr. Beams MB990 battery-powered light offers the best features that we need to have in a pantry light. 

If you have used it you might have got surprised by its light output. Also, these lights are suitable to light up a small butler’s pantry or any standard walk-in pantry. Make sure to remove a small pin inside the fixture to activate the motion sensor before using the light. 

Besides this, a ceiling light can also be used along with the additional lights for shelving. As we know that overhead lights shade shadow, so it is better to use additional light, if you prefer. 

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LED Light Strip For Pantry Shelves 

Well, LED Light strips can be one of the best choices to illuminate a pantry. Also, it is always a better choice to add a closet light for general under cabinet uses. 

Luminoodle- Click LED Light Ship for Shelves may be suitable if you have got a small pantry or pantry cabinet. But remember that, using this light you do have to press the power button each time to turn on/off your lights. These strips are 3 feet but the thing is you can always add multiple strips together as per your need. 

Besides that the double-sided tape used on these light strips allows you to adhere them to any flat surface. 

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Battery-Powered LED Lights 

Battery-powered lights are quite easy to add and easy to use. When it is paired with a motion sensor it can last around 25 to 100 hours. However, you can also go wireless rechargeable light too, if you don’t want to deal with constantly changing batteries. 

Personally, I prefer LepoTec, which is a rechargeable LED linear light, which looks quite nice in our small pantry, closet, under cabinet, and bookshelves.

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Automatic Pantry Door Switch 

Last but not least is the automatic pantry door switch. You can easily ass an automatic switch that turns your pantry light on. This is quite common in modern homes. So why not in yours? 

You might be thinking how does this work? The automatic door switch is set up into the door jamb which is wired to an existing overhead light fixture.   Due to this reason when the door opens the light gets on automatically and when the door is closed the light gets turned off. 

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How Do You Light A Pantry Without An Outlet?

One of the best ways to light a pantry without an outlet is to use wireless or battery-operated LED light fixtures. 

We can see various forms of battery-powered LED lights such as ceiling lights, linear light bars, puck lights, or light strips. 

If you use the pantry frequently then make sure to change batteries as they last just around 25-100 hours. 

How Do You Light Up A Dark Pantry?

To Light, up a dark pantry, you can go with hardwire and installing light fixtures, wireless or battery-operated lights, or plug-in style light fixtures in the cabinet or walls, or bookshelves. 

Some of the ways to light up a dark pantry are as follows:

  • Puck Lights
  • LED Light strips
  • Ceiling Light Fixtures
  • Automatic Door Switch

How To Add A Light To A Pantry?

The first thing you need to know while adding the light to a pantry is to know the size of the space. This may help you to determine the type of light fixture that may work best for you.  

  • Understand the dimensions or square footage of your pantry. 
  • Make sure whether you want to use wireless or hardwire light fixtures. 
  • Look for battery operated light if you don’t have outlets nearby. 
  • Choose the fixture style: LED light strip, linear light sticks, ceiling light, and puck lights. 
  • Last but not least find the best light fixtures to illuminate your pantry. 

Walk-in Pantry Lighting Ideas

As we spend a fair amount of time in the pantry, it is necessary to illuminate the pantry area properly. Especially, Walk-in style pantries need the proper amount of lights to make the place or space efficient. 

Also, there are some of the tried and tested pantry lighting ideas to consider while lighting up your pantry. Or you can also go with some non-traditional approaches. 

Pantry Lighting Ideas
Pantry Lighting Ideas

Recessed Ceiling Lighting

In most walk-in pantries of various sizes, modern recessed lights are being used. They can be a great source of light to the pantry if they are properly placed. 

Surface Mounted Ceiling Lighting 

Surface-mounted pantry lights may be of different styles of fixtures depending on the decor of the kitchen or other sort of space. 

Besides that, you do have the option to go with traditional 10’’ diameter flush-mounted ceiling lights. You can do the same if you have got a butler pantry too.

Lighting For Under Shelves

Under the shelf, lighting can be easily paired with a ceiling light to provide a proper light facility throughout the pantry. When you use just the overhead light, it may cast shadows, so you can add the LED strip lights having adhesive light to have the proper amount of light in your pantry space. 

Directional Spot Lights 

Well, directional light can be a perfect choice while illuminating a large or high ceiling walk-in pantry. Spotlights can be used both as a primary source of light and as a secondary source. These lights provide a softer mood and a welcoming environment. 

Track Lighting 

Track Lighting can be positional to light up pantries open shelves or cabinetry, so this may not be the choice of everyone. Also if they are placed properly then you can get more light output. 

Pantry Light Sensor Ideas

One of the best ways to activate your light may be using a pantry light sensor. There are some great ways to do it :

Door Activated Light Sensor 

One can use door activated light sensor if you have a pantry with a framed door. The switches are set up within the door jamb and are turned on when the door is opened and turned off when the door is closed. 

Motion Activated Light Sensor 

The motion Light sensor gets activated when it tracks motion at a certain distance. It may be quite easy as the light gets on itself when the motion is detected and get off after a certain period of time. Moreover, it also helps to conserve battery, if you have got battery-operated fixtures. 

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Time To Conclude 

Well, the main focus of the article is to illuminate the pantry areas or space properly. So make sure you remember the size of your pantry and that you want to properly illuminate the space. 

So I hope this article helped you a lot to decide on the lighting to be used in your pantry. But the things it last you are one to choose the light for your pantry. So best of luck cheers!!

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