RGB VS RGBIC – Here Is The Difference?

You may have come across RGBIC (RGB + a built-in independent Chip) if you have been looking for an LED strip light. Also, you might have gone through RGB. 

Are You Confused Between These Too? Don’t worry we gonna be covering the complete difference between RGB VS RGBIC strip lights. 

Well, here are some of the differences that we have observed. 

RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights
RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights 

What’s the Difference Between RGB and RGBIC? 

RGB can only display one color at a time whereas RGBIC (RGB + a built-in independent Chip) displays multiple colors on one strip light.  

Both RGB and RGBIC can be the perfect choices for an LED strip light with color. However, RGBIC is far better when it comes to displaying multiple colors. 

Some of the common differences include:-

RGB Strip Lights

  • General Standard Brightness.
  • No Independent Chip Control.
  • Can be simply cut to size at copper markings.
  • Displays single color at a time. 

RGBIC Strip Lights 

  • Ultra Bright
  • Cannot be cut.
  • Can create more lighting effects.
  • Can display multiple colors at one time. 
  • Has got multiple Independent chip control. 
RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights
RGB vs RGBIC Strip Lights

When To Use RGBIC Instead Of RGB?

One can simply use RGBIC strip lights for a functional purpose. You can use standard EGB or white color temperature LED strip lights in various areas such as bathrooms, kitchen cabinets, garages, and so on. However, RGBIC can be a good fit if you want something extra for a bedroom or a decorative application

Bias LED Lighting For Behind TV 

Willing to use LED lighting for Behind TV? Then RGBIC technology may be a good fit for it and easy to install. 

One with a TV display of 55-65 inches can have RGBIC to have a huge impact on your movie or sporting event experience. As you can see in the picture below one side of the wall can be blue other can be red depending on the color you are playing on the screen, which looks quite great and enriches your viewing experiences. 

Govee Envisual TV LED Backlights
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Color Photo Recognition

With certain apps, one can easily upload a photo and let their LED RGBIC strip lights identify and display the colors in the photo via the strip light. 

Especially with RGBIC lights, you can do several creative things.

Music Playlist Sync Capabilities 

Being a music lover  I love adding lighting for ambiance. Moreover, with RGBIC you can display multiple colors at once through the LED strip lights  

You might be curious to know How The Heck music controls the strip light? Products like the Govee H61251 has got a small pinpoint mic, which is located in the control box. You can see the sync of the music beat with the color of the lights as the latency is almost non-existent. 

Govee 16.4ft RGBIC LED Strip Lights,
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Can You Cut RGBIC Strip Lights?

Well, I don’t suggest you cut RGBIC Strip Lights, when you cut them it prevents from running multiple colors through the rolls. 

However, we have got an alternative, which is to run a regular RGB strip with different mode control settings. By this, you can easily filter through various lights. However, it might not look pretty as it used to be with RGBIC but you can have a similar environment as having RGBIC in your space. 

Now you might be thinking Is RGBIC Better Than RGB? 

Is RGBIC Better Than RGB? 

Well to be honest what you plan to use the light for may be the main factor in determining whether RGBIC is better than RGB or not. But from my personal experience, I can say that RGBIC is better as it does display multiple colors at a time and add value to your lighting space. However, you need to have an app, to get full control over an RGBIC strip light which may be a bit lethargic. But it will be worth it. 

Besides this, if you want more customization options on your hand then you should go with RGB strip light. So why I am telling you that? Well, you can easily cut down the rolls and connect multiple LED strip lights, which is advantageous over RGBIC light. 

When it comes to recommendations to my colleagues I always recommend using Govee, which is an RGB light strip product and can be easily customizable. 

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Light Strip Names Having More Gradient 

Multiple LED lighting brands offer the light having multiple colors displayed on one LED light strip. Among them most commonly used RGBIC is from Govee. However, Polychrome Technology from Lifx and Gradient Light strip from the brand Philips Hue may be good options for you. 

Note that. These brands live in the ecosystem so you may need to have some additional components to make them properly function.


Is RGBIC brighter than RGB?

Ans: Well, RGBIC is brighter than RGB.

Is RGBIC better than RGB?

Ans: RGBIC is better as it does display multiple colors at a time and adds value to your lighting space.

Can You Cut RGBIC Strip Lights?

Ans: We can but I don’t suggest you cut RGBIC Strip Lights, when you cut them it prevents from running multiple colors through the rolls. 

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