Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom

Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom 

Smart home lighting technology has been here quite a long time as amazon started using a virtual assistant in 2014. Moreover, Google’s AI assistant was released in the year 2016. Since then we have been using voice commands to control tech stuff in our home.

Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom- LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) have become quite affordable and have been widely used for the last decade. So it is the best time to be a lighting enthusiast, Isn’t It? 

However, choosing the best smart home LED lighting products is quite tough as they have got multiple options and features.  So we have come up with some of the Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom you can start with.

What Are The Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom?

LED strip lights come in various shapes, sizes, styles, apps, colors, and lengths. Moreover, they also come with various prices and overall features. 

Here are some of the Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom you could give a try. 

Govee- Smart Home LED Light Strips

Smart home LED light strips took a bit of time to get installed. But after it’s installed, you would love the overall features and colors. With the Govee kit, there come two rolls and connector cords to connect the two sections of light strips. 

I would like to recommend you do a dry run and test all components before setting it up or adhering it up to the surface. 


  • Bright RGB (Red, Green, Blue) Colors.
  • Customer Service
  • Downloadable Application.
  • Pairing is quite easy with smart home products 


  • Dimming Percentage Could be better. 
  • An adhesive may not be enough.
  • Not waterproof
  • A connector is needed to connect multiple strips. 
Govee 16.4ft Color Changing LED Strip Lights
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HitLights – Smart LED Strip Lights 

HitLights is one of the best small LED strip lights which allows you to use your voice to turn on your lights and other setting such as brightness levels, colors, and so on. Also, you can control lights via WiFi by downloading an app named Smart Life. 

The best thing about HitLights is that they provide single components on their website. So while going for the huge project you can go for this as you might have to modify the lighting from time to time. 


  • UL rated lights
  • Waterproof- Great for both Indoor/Outdoor use.
  • 3M adhesive tape 
  • Additional components.


  • Extra 4-Pin connectors are needed to re-connect.
HitLights 32.8ft Smart LED Strip Lights
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What Is Smart LED Lighting?

What Do We Most Value? Time right? Well, these smart LED lights allow the users to control the overall lights system smartly. One can get more output from the light if it is properly connected. One can easily control all the features and colors just by a single click on the mobile device. 

Some of the examples of smart home products are given below:

  • Philip Hue Lighting 
  • SimpliSafe Home Security.
  • Amazon Echo
  • Kasa Smart Plug
  • Amazon Ring
  • Google Nest

Building an ecosystem can be the easiest way to start. After learning a few things smart product becomes easy to use and more convenient for us. Likewise, the lighting is also the same. 

 In lighting, going the whole home approach may be quite beneficial for a user as they can simply control the light setting from a single app,m rather than having multiple apps or remotes in their space. You can use light strips, bulbs, kits, and light bars in your space.

Can You Light A Room With LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights can be used in any place in your room. Also, it is easy to set up as they have got strong adhesive backing which allows you to quickly adhere it to several surfaces. 

Some of the benefits of LED lights are as follows:

  • They generate less amount of heat. 
  • Some LEDs are color-changing. (RGB)
  • They are compact.
  • They last longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. 

You can several LED lights for rooms which make your space look friendly and unique. You can easily add the light in your office or home desk, behind your TV, on the wall or ceiling. 

Moreover, you can replace the standing lamps too, if you add enough LED lights. 

LED Brightness: Standard Density VS High Density 

Basically, LED strip lights are of two types, a high output, and standard output. As there are double diodes, with a high output, you would get double the light output as compared to the standard one. 

The standard density is around 1.5 watts per foot whereas the high density is around 3 watts per foot. Hence doubling the light output. 

Besides this, standard density LED light strips may consist of around 150 LEDs per roll. Whereas high-density LED light strips can have around 300 LEDs per roll. 

Smart LED Strip Light Apps 

Here are some of the best features of the app-based smart LED strip lights:

  • Control Light from anywhere.
  • Can set timers easily.
  • Music Sync. 

Time To Conclude

Hope you are clear about the topic of the Best Smart LED Strip Lights For Bedroom. At last, it’s always your choice to go with the lighting options. However, always keep in mind the above-discussed things at the time of buying your product.

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