What Is An E26 Bulb?

What Is An E26 Bulb? 

Well, You might be wondering, What Is An E26 Bulb? As there are lots of different bulb shapes, names, sizes, lumens, wattages, and so on. You might get confused when you’re looking for a new bulb. 

We gonna be covering some of the common things you need to know about the bulb. So the first thing you should consider is to go with the one with a 26mm thread diameter. Here most people get confused as lots of types of bulbs can use an E26 base, which refers to the thread portion of the bulb, or the bottom of the bulb that screws into light fixtures. 

Well, so let’s discuss What Is An E26 Bulb? 

What Does The “E” mean?

The word E refers to the Edison Screw in E26, which was named after the inventor of light bulbs, Thomas Edison.

What Does The “26” mean?

Well, 26 refers to the lamp diameter or the bulb. The diameter of the bulb is in millimeters which get converted to 1 inch. 

What Is An E26 Bulb?
What Is An E26 Bulb?

What Is A Standard Size Light Bulb?

E26 bulb is the standard-sized light bulb in the United States.  They use a standard or medium base called MES. 

As we mentioned earlier that one can easily screw into a light fixture, which uses a base called Edison Screw. 

As per the sources, the standard base type range includes E26, E26d, E11, E12, E17, GU24, GX 5.3, and GU5. So you might be thinking How Are These Bulbs Standardized?

Umm, American National Standards Institute standardized bulbs which look after the development of voluntary consensus standards for products in the United States of America. So we can say that the products that we used are being properly reviewed and approved after all criteria have been fulfilled. 

Is E26 A Standard Bulb?

As mentioned earlier, E26 bulbs are regulated by the ANSI (American National Standard Bulb) and consider to be a standard light bulb. These standard bulbs are suitable for various household light fixtures including ceiling fans, floor lamps, table lamps, and so on. 

Well, you don’t need to worry when you see different sizes of E26, as they come in various shapes and sizes. However, the thing is, all of them have a base thread size of 26mm. 

One can see various shapes of E26 like candle bulbs, smart bulbs, tubular bulbs, vintage bulbs, and standard bulbs. 

Light Bulb Shapes
Light Bulb Shapes

Is E26 Same As A19?

E26 and A19 are one in the same. You might be confused with the number, but the number simply refers to a different portion of the bulb. 

Showing their difference, E26 refers to the base of the diameter of the bulb whereas A19 refers to the shape of the bulb. However one can have a bulb with both numbers. 

How Bright IS An E26 Bulb?

ES6 can vary in brightness as it is just the type of the base of the bulb has.  One can find the bulb in various wattage equivalents to 40 watts, 60 watts, 75 watts, and 100 watts. 

Besides that, the E26 bulb can vary in shape, size, lumens color temperature as well as wattage. 

E26 Bulb Vs E27 Bulb

We can clearly see the difference in the base diameter thread size. The E26 bulb has a 26-millimeter diameter whereas the E27 bulb has a 27-millimeter diameter.  If you have got an E26 bulb in your home you can go through it. At its base, you can see that it has been standardized in the United States. However, most of the E37 bulbs can be seen in European zones.

E26 Location On Light Bulb
E26 Location On Light Bulb

Using E26 Smart LED Bulbs 

E26 is one of the most used thread diameter bulbs. You can easily find and use smart LED bulbs with an E26 base thread size, which has got several smart bulb options.

Besides this one can easily use smart LED bulbs with Alexa, Google Assistant, and also via a downloadable app on your mobile device.  By hearing you might be thinking that a smart bulb is a pretty cool stuff as you can control it via an app. Are You? 

Moreover one can easily control various settings such as timers, color temperature, and brightness. 

For this, you can go with Sengled which is a Bluetooth smart bulb. Here Bluetooth works are a medium between light and the control (most probably app), which allows users to control all the settings of the light sitting on the desk. 

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Summary of our learnings – What Is An E26 Bulb? 

  • Generally, E26 refers to a bulb having a thread base of 26 millimeters. 
  • Also, it is one of the most used American light bulb threads. 
  • These bulbs can be of various shapes such as tubular, candle, vintage, and smart bulbs.
  • They can be of various wattages and lumens. 
  • E26 is of 26mm base whereas E27 is of 27 mm thread base.

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