Best Battery Operated Under Cabinet Lights

Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

Want to illuminate your dark under-cabinet area without an outlet? Here is the solution you can get wireless under cabinet lighting. The plus point here is modern-day LED light fixtures allow us to maintain quality too. 

Lots of wireless LED lights are rechargeable, due to which one can rely on them for a source of lighting. There is some great wireless under cabinet lighting to be considered. Here it is 

What Is The Best Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting?

Lots of styles and features are available within wireless under cabinet lighting. 

For under cabinet lightin a good task light is ideal. So you might want to get a rigid linear stick light, which provides one of the best task lightings.  

You can simply go for the Brilliant Evolution Ultra Thin LED Light Bar for battery-operated light. 

Here are some of the things features that you may need to look into:

  • Long Battery life run time around 50-100 hours
  • Linear lights which illuminate are best for under cabinet 
  • Go for a color temperature range between 3000K to 5000K (Best for Kitchen lighting).
  • Look around for a low profile light around 1’’.
  • Have a look for multiple mounting options including double-sided adhesive. 

Now let’s discuss some of the wireless under cabinet lights. 

  1. Brilliant Evolution – Thin Wireless Under Cabinet Light 

The best thing about LED light fixtures is their size. Light with small light emitting diodes can compress the size of the light. 

As we are talking about the cabinet lighting, the thinner the light better it is. We know that most of the under cabinets will have an overhang that allows light to get into. 

You can go for the light which has a height of around an inch, so it becomes easy for you to manage the space for light. 

Brilliant Evolution Wireless Ultra Thin LED Light
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  1. EShine – Rechargeable Wireless Under Cabinet Light 

Not willing to change those batteries constantly?

Go for a rechargeable under-cabinet light fixture. These lights easily get connected to a 5V wall charger via USB cable or to a laptop. 

Most rechargeable lights use a lithium-style battery which makes them more compact and low profile, but AA or AAA battery-operated lights are bigger in size. 

Usually, wireless rechargeable lights come in form of the linear light, which is the best suited for the under cabinets. Moreover, they are easier to install as they have double-sided tape or magnets. 

Eshine is best for wide under cabinet applications.

EShine Dimmable 17 inch Rechargeable Battery Powered Motion-Activated LED
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  1. Brilliant Evolution – Wireless Under Cabinet Puck Lights with Remote 

If you are good at tracking a remote Brilliant Evolution may be best for you as it does have a remote control system. Similar to the TV remote. LED wireless remote controls use IR sensors to control the various features of lights. However there is a certain range from which it is accessible, normally it ranges from 20 feet or sometimes more. 

Remotes allow its users to control the setting timers, colors, and even brightness percentage. 

Most of the user choices are Brilliant Evolution which is a great LED puck light kit with a remote. 

Brilliant Evolution LED Lights 6 Pack with Remote & Batteries
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  1. Tipace – Motion Sensor Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting 

If you are someone willing to save battery a lot, then this light might be a good fit for you. As this light has got the features of the motion sensor. Motion sensor helps you a lot to save battery as it automatically gets turned off when it stops detecting movement.  This will contribute to the conservation of the battery lifespan. 

This style of light may be great for any kitchen.

Tipace 3 Pack LED Under Cabinet Lighting
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5. SZOKLED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting

SZOKLED can be great for indoor as well as outdoor applications as there are 4 large LED-powered lights in the set. Unlike others, AZOKLED offers multiple color options (i.e. 3000K, 6000K, 4500K), so one can see the perfect shade of white light. Besides that, it also includes a remote controller which allows remote access to the lights.

These types of lights are best for Kitchen, Bedroom, and basement.

SZOKLED Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting Remote Control Rechargeable
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How To Install Wireless Under Cabinet Lighting?

To be honest, install process is not that hectic. That is one of the benefits while using wireless under cabinet lights. 

Some of the things that you need to consider:

  • Type of battery and numbers matter.
  • Placement and prep surface for mounting sensors.
  • The number of fixtures needed for optimum illumination. 
  • Always test any motion sensor and IR remote controls.
  • Adding Batteries 

You have to have a source to add to your fixtures if your wireless under cabinet lights didn’t come with the batteries. So make sure to check which brand provides it or you can check what the brand recommends. 

Where To Put The Light Fixture?

One needs to determine the quantity for their specific space, after deciding the style of the wireless fixture. After having the proper measurement of your under cabinet area and the actual light fixture then you can easily set them properly. 

Below we have shown the picture representing where to place the wireless under the cabinet light fixtures. 

Where to Put The Light Fixture
Where to Put The Light Fixture?

Wireless Sensors 

Similar to the TV remote, wireless under cabinet lights can be controlled using remotes. So make sure to test whether the signals are properly working or not before adhering to the fixture. 

The one with the wireless signal logo would work more efficiently if the logo faces outward to receive the IR signal. 

How To Mount Under Cabinet Lights?

The installation process is quite easy without wires. There are three ways to install wireless under cabinet lights. Let’s discuss those in brief:

  • Doubled-Sided Adhesive – For easy and simple installation, wireless light fixtures come with double-sided adhesive. This adhesive is called double-coated tissue tape.
  • Screws- For setting up your light in a permanent way one can use screws to add wireless under cabinet lights. Clips are easily mounted with small wood screws, which allow you to direct the light, depending on the light fixtures. 
  • Magnets – Magnets may be a great option for rechargeable lights beside the adhesive. One benefit of using magnets is you can easily remove the light whenever you want. 

One of my favorites is the old standby, 3M VHB tape., as it can hold heavier wireless lights to most of the surface. Having strong double-sided adhesive is crucial as the lighting always fights with gravity. 

Note that, use the adhesive only after testing it, as it may damage your substrate. 

How Long Do Battery Powered Under Cabinet Lights Last?

The battery of battery operated under cabinet lights lasts between 25 to 100 hours. However, the battery will depend on the fixture and how long the light has been in operation. 

Usually, you can get 6-12 hours of constant -from the full charge for a rechargeable LED light. However, we can deny that as the battery life fades the light gets less bright. 

How To Power Under Cabinet Lighting?

There are four ways to power residential under cabinet lighting:

  • Rechargeable Batteries 
  • Low voltage plug-in power supply
  • Direct house voltage
  • Battery Powered

As per our research, most of the household personnel use direct 110-240 volt house voltage, which is controlled with a wall switch that controls the under cabinet light fixtures. 

An alternative way to power under cabinet lights may be to use a low voltage plug-in adapter, which converts 110-240 volts down to 12-24 volts. Traditional residential led lighting fixtures. 

Uses a low voltage range. The use of batteries may be another way to power under cabinet lights. Lots of batteries available in the market are designed to be used with AA or AAA batteries.  Battery-operated light may be perfect for those areas where there is no outlet. 

Does Under Cabinet Lighting Add Value?

To be honest, under-cabinet lighting is one of the best things to add to your kitchen cabinets. Moreover, research shows that for US homeowner who completely remodels their house, 74% of them completely upgraded the LED lighting fixtures. 

These days under cabinet lights are becoming more stylish, easier to upgrade, and affordable. So we are damn sure that it would be one of the most used for both new constructions and remodels.  

With this, we would like to end our words here. Hope you have got the thing you need to have via this guide to wireless under cabinet lighting.


What are the best LED lights for under kitchen cabinets?

Ans: Some of the best-LED lights for under kitchen cabinets are Brilliant Evolution, EShine, Brilliant Evolution, Tipace, and so on.

How long do battery operated under cabinet lights Last?

Ans: The battery of battery operated under cabinet lights lasts between 25 to 100 hours.

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